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Visit the Island of Arousa: A natural paradise in Rías Baixas

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Special, Specials

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled natural spot of Rías Baixas, the Island of Arousa. In this Galician spot, nature and culture intertwine in a captivating way to offer a unique experience to each visitor.

From its historic connection with the sea to its iconic bridge and its status as a European Union Natural Reserve, the Island of Arousa is presented as a paradise nestled in the heart of Galicia. Delve into this post and discover the treasures that await you on this island full of unique charm.

The Island of Arousa, a natural paradise

The Island of Arousa, known in Galician as Illa de Arousa, is a real treasure located in the estuary of the same name, in Rías Baixas in Galicia. With an area of 7 square kilometres and around 5,000 inhabitants, this charming place offers a unique experience for those looking to connect with nature and local authenticity. Connected to the peninsula through an impressive bridge of almost 2 kilometres in length, one of the longest in Spain, the Island of Arousa has seen its economy and flow of tourism prosper since the completion of the bridge in 1985.

The economy of the Island of Arousa rests on two fundamental pillars: fishing and tourism. The marine environment provides vital sustenance through fishing, shell fishing, and mussel cultivation on rafts, a traditional technique that has thrived in these waters. Fresh and plentiful seafood products have become an integral part of the local identity and are essential to the island’s cuisine.

With 36 kilometres of coastline stretching across a picturesque mix of white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, Arousa Island attracts visitors in search of a natural paradise. The possibility of enjoying a quiet atmosphere, uncrowded beaches and the richness of the marine biodiversity has captured the attention of travellers looking for authentic experiences and contact with nature.

The Island of Arousa has a rich marine and terrestrial ecosystem which is why it was declared a Nature Reserve by the European Union. In this way, the EU highlighted the value of the site and the importance of protecting and conserving it. Therefore, those who visit the island must be respectful of the nature that surrounds them.

Attractions on Arousa Island

The Island of Arousa is a natural paradise that is home to a series of emblematic places that captivate both for their scenic beauty and for their rich cultural heritage. This island has several interesting points that will make the experience of its visitors an exceptional one.

Punta Cabalo Lighthouse

This historic lighthouse rises majestically at the tip of the island, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and the island itself. It is a symbol of guidance for sailors and a landmark that evokes maritime stories of the past. It is currently not in operation and houses a small restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea.

Areoso Islet

An authentic natural gem, the Areoso Islet is a protected natural area of almost 9 hectares that is located a few meters from the main island. To access it you need to apply for a permit.

This islet is surrounded by beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal clear water; these invite you to relax, swim and enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere. In addition, at the top of the islet, you will find remains of a megalithic dolmen, implicit proof that humans passed through there many centuries ago.

Carreirón Natural Park

This park is a sanctuary for biodiversity. It offers hiking trails that wind through coastal landscapes and forests, providing the opportunity to bird-watch and enjoy the tranquillity of nature in its purest form.

Xufre Port

A picturesque fishing port that testifies to the historical and current importance of fishing on the island. Go there, watch the boats return with their daily catch, and immerse yourself in the authenticity of maritime life. And if you’re hungry, check out the restaurants near the promenade.

Campo and Cabodeiro Piers

These piers encapsulate the essence of the island as a meeting point between land and sea. Watch the local fishermen in action and feel a part of port life as you watch the waves come and go.

The Campo pier is a sheltered place where locals and visitors enjoy relaxing walks. On that pier, you’ll find the market square; additionally, the market is held every Saturday on its promenade. The Cabodeiro pier is situated on the edge of a beautiful beach where you can enjoy a walk or a refreshing swim. In addition, it is a few steps from the O Furado Park, where you can enjoy beautiful nature and rest in the shade of its trees.

O Con do Forno Viewpoint

It is the highest point on the island. From this vantage point, the views are simply dazzling. The coast, the sea and the natural beauty of the Island of Arousa unfold before your eyes, offering a unique perspective of the island and its surroundings.

We encourage you to explore the Island of Arousa and all these places of interest that we have mentioned. This island is a beautiful natural spot that fuses the culture and history of the Arousa estuary with enchanting natural spaces. From lighthouses that tell maritime stories to idyllic beaches, natural parks and lively ports, every corner of the island offers a unique and memorable experience. Therefore, we recommend that you visit it and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Additionally, if you like to explore the nature reserves when you visit a place, we must also recommend the Cíes Islands and the Isle of Ons, two archipelagos that are nearby (in the Vigo and Pontevedra estuaries, respectively); they have spectacular biodiversity, you can set your course towards the ports such as Sanxenxo and Portonovo.