Island of Ons

Discover the main island of the Ons archipelago

The island of Ons is part of the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. It is located in the Pontevedra estuary and is renowned for its scenic, gastronomic and cultural value. It enchants all those who visit it, as it possesses a unique natural beauty and an environment full of Galician life and tradition.

Its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, such as Melide Beach, invite you to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea in a paradisiacal setting. In addition, the island of Ons offers a network of trails that cross the island through its lush landscape. Its four routes are the perfect opportunity to explore its most remote corners and enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic coast and the surrounding islands.

The island of Ons is also a paradise for lovers of the sea and good food, as there is an exquisite gastronomic offer. The freshest products from the sea and the land are fused to create delicious menus with an unmistakable Galician touch.

Discover the island

Incredible Beaches
The pristine beaches of Ons Island will dazzle you with their white sand, crystal clear waters and breathtaking natural scenery. Find out more about its five beaches!
Hiking Routes
Walking around the island of Ons is an experience you should have at least once in your life. Fall in love with hiking with the four routes offered by the island while you discover its fauna and flora.
Galician Cuisine in Ons
The cuisine of the Isle of Ons is a fusion of flavours from the sea and the land, highlighting fresh seafood and traditional Galician dishes. Activate all your senses in this paradise!
What to do in Ons Island
Guided excursions on the island of Ons will show you breathtaking views, hidden coves and a rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity. This is the best way to get to know the island in depth.
On the island of Ons there are idyllic and picturesque landscapes, worthy of the best photographs. Discovering its cliffs, paths and beaches is an extraordinary way to connect with nature.
History of Ons Island
The history of the island of Ons dates back to the Bronze Age, with evidence of ancient human settlements. It was a key point of navigation in Atlantic waters and you will be immersed in a sea of legends and traditions!
Ons travel guide
From Mar de Ons we make it very easy for you. We have created a "traveller's guide" so that you can consult any doubts you may have before setting off on your trip to the island of Ons.


To access the island of Ons, in addition to buying the boat tickets that will take you to the island on a pleasant crossing, you must have the authorisation of the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government). This body controls access to the island as it is a National Park and ensures that the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water and its unparalleled scenery remain intact. You must plan your visit well and carry out a series of very simple bureaucratic steps beforehand.

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Island of Ons Camping

The Ons Island campsite offers a unique experience in the unspoilt nature of Galicia. Located in a privileged setting, within the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands, the campsite is a popular choice if you wish to fully immerse yourself in the natural landscape of the island.

With a limited capacity, the Ons Island campsite will guarantee you a quiet and exclusive experience. It is surrounded by beautiful pine forests and has direct access to some of the island's most stunning beaches.

Campsite facilities include camping areas with basic amenities such as picnic areas, toilets and outdoor showers. There are also restaurants on the island where you can enjoy the unique Galician gastronomy.

Photo gallery

Discover the natural beauty of the Ons Island through our photo gallery.

Come to the Ons Island, to its paradisiacal beaches, to its hiking routes and to its gastronomy thanks to the gallery of photographs that we have available in our website.

On our website you can find a selection of photographs that will convince you to visit the Ons Island and it will give you an idea of what it is like to feel the freedom of nature and enjoy it with your 5 senses.