Our mission is to be renowned and recognised thanks to our leadership in the industry and to offering a quality service based in a continuous improvement. We commit ourselves to our clients, offering them a safe, quality, responsible and affordable service, constantly renewing and adapting our services to the market demands.

Our vision includes lead our employees to quality when the time comes to provide a service, as well as to incorporate regular technologic improvements which allow us to provide the best experience to our clients, improving the quality of it and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Our experience has allowed us to define some values which help us provide an excellent service to our clients every day:

  • Experience – More than 25 years assisting thousands of clients speak for us.
  • People-Oriented – Persons are the main asset of Mar de Ons. The commitment and dedication of our staff is the cornerstone to offer the best service both on board and on land. Their many years of experience in welcoming travellers guarantee a pleasant trip.
  • Constant training and specialisation of our professionals in order to adapt to our clients needs.
  • Innovation – The investments made in latest-generation vessels makes Mar de Ons the shipping company with the most modern and biggest fleet of passenger boats.
  • Specialised service – We look for the most appropriate solution for each of our clients and we offer them tailored services.
  • Environmental responsibility – As a responsible company within the tourism industry, Mar de Ons is committed to take care of and respect the environment in the daily exercise of its activities and services, while minimising the negative impact on the environment and promoting a sustainable culture both inside the company and externally.