Rodas Beach, Figueiras Beach, Nosa Señora Beach, Margaridas Cove…

Without a doubt the greatest attraction of the Cíes Islands are their virgin beaches with crystal clear water, white sand and their ecosystem, which is unique in Spain. The restricted access to Cíes makes possible that these beaches are not crowded at any time of the year. Moreover, there are options for all tastes, from kilometric beaches to more secluded beaches, family beaches or nudist beaches. All of them are surrounded by a mountainous and wooded landscape, which makes any of these beaches an idyllic place. 

» Rodas Beach

The best beach in the world.

Rodas Beach is the most visited beach in Galicia and it has been awarded the distinctive blue flag. It is the largest and most important beach in the Cíes Islands archipelago and its characteristics and services make it the ideal beach to spend the day with the family.

Its kilometre-long beach connects two of the three islands (Monteagudo and Faro) forming a perfect crescent with small dunes that increase the beauty of the place.  The cove of Viños or Bolos, the cove of Areiña and the cove of Area Grande of Muxieiro are a natural extension of Rhodes beach that makes it, if possible, even more stunning. Punta das Veiras, right in Viños o Bolos cove, is the starting point for the kayak guided routes that are organized at the islands. 

Freedom and privacy.

If you are looking for privacy, Figueiras Beach will be your favourite, also called “the German’s”. It is a safe bet for those who are looking for freedom and some privacy. Located in Monteagudo Island (North), it has a blue flag and it is the favourite paradise for the practitioners of nudism in Galicia. It has very white sands, very crystalline water and offers a dreamlike landscape.

» Figueiras Beach

» Nosa Señora Beach

Perfect for diving and snorkelling.

Nosa Señora Beach is a paradisiacal cove with turquoise waters located on the island of the lighthouse, overlooking the island of San Martiño. It is secluded and has calm waters, ideal for diving or snorkelling. By simply using a snorkel mask and a pair of glasses you will be able to contemplate the wonders hidden in the waters of this National Park.

Exclusiveness and peace.

Cala de las Margaridas offers exclusivity to the tourist, as it is a little piece of paradise, located on the island of Monteagudo. You will be able to spot it from the boat when we are about to arrive at the National Park.

» Margaridas Cove

» Cantareira Cove

Singular beauty.

Cala de Cantareira is a small cove of pebbles and singular beauty located on the island of Monteagudo. It is highly recommended if you are looking for exclusivity and you want to enjoy a different place with incredible views of Costa da Vela.

Accessible by private boat only.

San Martiño Beach is a great example of the majesty and quality of the beaches of this archipelago. This shell-shaped beach has very calm waters and fine white sand. It is located on the South Island and is one of the most photographed beaches in the archipelago, since the South Island accompanies you along the walking path of the Cíes Lighthouse route.

» San Martiño Beach




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