Discover the European municipality with the largest number of beaches …

» Incredible Beaches

Cangas is the town with the highest number of beaches in Europe. It has almost 40 urban and wild beaches with a fine, white sand a high natural and landscape value. Most of them have been awarded Blue Flags.
Cangas do Morrazo is a unique place, where the sea and the mountains intertwine to delight all your senses. Its long coastline, emerging in the Bays of Vigo and Aldán, is made up of many sandy areas for all tastes, which will please even the most demanding travellers.
Routes are the best option to plunge into the history of this marine town, discover its white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, admire the sunsets over the Atlantic Oceans with Cíes Islands on the background, get in contact with nature and go along the coast. This is the perfect place for adventurers, nature lovers and inquisitive people willing to discover new corners.
It is the perfect environment for adventurers, nature lovers and curious people who want to discover new places. Mar de Ons proposes to follow the following routes to enjoy amazing views of the sea, find significant works of art, wonderful cuisine and discover beautiful landscapes.

» Hiking & Cycling Routes

» What to do in Vigo & Cangas

Cangas and Vigo offer a wide variety of activities that will allow visitors to enjoy nature and discover these unparalleled landscapes in a unique way.
These activities will grant the visitors unforgettable experiences, whether taken on their own or with the help from our qualified instructors with a wide experience.
Cangas and Vigo offer high-quality cuisine based on fresh sea products, such as fish and shellfish, prepared in a natural, traditional way.
Likewise, there are several food festivals that will delight even the most demanding palates.

» Restaurants in Vigo

» History

The history of Vigo and Cangas has always been strongly linked to the sea. In Vigo, the remains of the Castro culture found in Monte de O Castro are worth mentioning. In Cangas, you can visit Monte Facho, a fortified town from the Iron Age.
From the 10th century BC until the 6th century, there is evidence of the existence of a fortified town in the Iron Age in Monte Facho. Later, in the 7th century BC. C. in this same place the fortified fort emerges, which remained in the place until a Roman sanctuary of worship to the Galician god Berobreo was built in the 2nd century.
Come and discover the quality of the natural spaces in this area, where you will find a wide variety of flora, fauna and amazing landscapes.
The dune ecosystems in Cangas are particularly remarkable, being the most important dunes in the Rías Baixas, and having a great biological diversity.

» Nature

» Things to do in Vigo

If you want to attend a popular celebration in Vigo, you will have a tough time choosing which one. There are different celebrations for all tastes, including traditional fairs, maritime celebrations, or centenarian events such as the Reconquest of Vigo.
Cangas do Morrazo also offers a wide variety of celebrations and festivals attracting millions of people who come from all parts of Spain to enjoy these unique events.
Discover the beauty of the settings where you will live these amazing experiences through our photo gallery.
Come to the Bay of Vigo with our photo gallery and discover the wonders of Vigo and Cangas, its maritime landscapes, its spectacular beaches and its traditions.

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» Metropolitan Transport in Vigo

Since April 27th 2015, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan of Vigo, offers maritime transportation by boat between Vigo and Cangas for only 1,34€.
The payment device that allows obtaining this rate in the ticket price is the TMG Card, a card-purse that is not personal and can be used interchangeably by anyone.
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IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE CÍES ISLANDS OR THE ONS ISLAND FROM MAY 15 (EXCEPT CAMPISTAS), before buying the ticket, you must obtain the authorization requested by La Xunta de Galicia, in which they will provide you with the pre code -reserve (necessary to acquire the boat ticket).