Rodas Beach, Figueiras Beach, Nosa Señora Beach, Margaridas Cove…

» Rodas Beach

The best beach in the world.
Rodas is the most visited beach in Galicia and it has the Blue Flag status. In 2007, the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian declared it “the best beach in the world” thanks to its clear turquoise waters, its fine white sand and its forests almost meeting the sea. Rodas is the biggest, most important beach in the Cíes Islands archipelago, and its features and services make it the perfect beach to spend a day with your family.

One-kilometre long, this beach links two of the three islands (Monteagudo and Faro), creating a perfect half-moon shape interspersed with small dunes that enhance the beauty of this marvelous setting. The Viños and Bolos Cove, the Areíña Cove, and the Area Grande Cove in Muxieiro are a natural prolongation of Rodas, making it even more stunning if that is possible. From Punta das Veiras, just in the Viños Cove, trips on kayak are organized.

Freedom and privacy.
Figueiras Beach, also known as “playa de los alemanes” (“the Germans’ beach”), is always a safe bet for those seeking freedom and privacy. Located on Monteagudo Island (North), it has the Blue Flag status and it is the favourite paradise of Galician naturists. It offers dazzling white sand, clear waters and a stunning landscape.

» Figueiras Beach

» Nosa Señora Beach

Perfect for diving and snorkelling.
Nosa Señora Beach is a paradisiacal cove with turquoise waters located in O Faro Island, with views over San Martiño Island. With its calm waters, this cove is just the perfect choice for diving or snorkelling. All you need is a snorkel and diving goggles to admire the wonders that hide under the National Park waters.
Exclusiveness and peace.
Margaridas Cove is a true piece of heaven located on Monteagudo Island. If you are looking for a place to enjoy peace and solitude amid nature, this is the best choice, without a shadow of a doubt.

» Margaridas Cove

» Cantareira Cove

Singular beauty.
The Cantareira Cove is a small pebble cove of singular beauty located in Monteagudo Island. If you are looking for exclusiveness and would like to enjoy a different spot, this is definitely our recommendation for you.

Accessible by private boat only.
San Martiño Island is an excellent example of the majesty and quality of the beaches in this archipelago. Its beach, shaped like a shell, has calm waters and fine, white sand. It is located in the South Island and it can only be accessed by private boat.

» San Martiño Beach



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