Terms and conditions of purchase


Before purchasing your ticket(s), please note that:

The holder of each ticket acknowledges the general conditions of transport, as well as those stated herein and at the disposal of the customers at our sales points and at our web site, and accept them expressly. Likewise, passengers must at all times follow the instructions of our onshore personnel as well as comply with the instructions and orders given by the crew during the voyage, especially in extraordinary situations or of need.
No refunds or changes are allowed once tickets are purchased.
In case of loss or misplacement of a ticket, a new one must be acquired.
Tickets must be kept in good condition until the end of the trip. It is advisable to protect them from high temperatures or prolonged sun exposure. The company does not guarantee the service with damaged or illegible tickets.
No tickets will be dispatched two minutes before the departure of each ship, to avoid missing your trip. In any case, no more tickets will be issued once the vessel's capacity is full at the indicated frequency.
If your metropolitan card does not work, it is faulty or damaged, you can buy the normal € 2.45 ticket. The shipping company is not responsible for the malfunction of its metropolitan card, since we are not their issuing entity.
It is not possible to buy tickets in advance and therefore there is no round trip. Once the previous boat has sailed, the tickets for the next can be issued and only used for that trip.
Passengers should arrive at the boat at least 10 minutes before their trip departure. Therefore we request passengers to buy their tickets at the ticket office in advance.
Throughout the service, boats may be different and operated by another company; the shipping company is in all cases obliged to cover the service with a boat that complies with the regulations.
Passengers will not be called to embark through speakers or similar means
Pets are allowed under the following conditions: dogs and cats must travel on the outer part of the boat with a short leash, inside their crate or special carrier adapted to their use and provided by the traveller. As a general rule, the movement of animals is performed under the entire responsibility of their owners, who will necessarily travel in the same service as the animal and must take care of their supervision at all times. The animal must be in good physical and hygienic conditions, must have, where appropriate, its health card or papers from the veterinary, mandatory under sectoral regulations. It is compulsory for dogs to wear a muzzle. Both embarking and disembarking of the animal must be carried out by their owner, who must try to do so when there are not people nearby, in order to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations that may affect other travellers.
Tickets may only be modified by authorised company staff. If modified otherwise, they will be void and invalid.
The company is entitled to modify the advertised schedules and even suspend or cancel the trips exclusively technical and logistical or organizational as well as for weather-related reasons or force majeure.
Given the way maritime transport is conducted, a maximum journey time cannot be provided in any of the timeframes to passengers, who, being aware of that fact, expressly accept the damages that may result from the delay in their trip, even if, for that reason, they lose their connection or link to any other transport, exonerating the company from any liability.
Maximum authorised weight for hand luggage: 20 kg per person.
The company is not liable for stolen or lost hand luggage or belongings.
For security reasons, it is not allowed to carry certain items in your luggage:
  1. Bags or briefcases with alarm systems.
  2. Explosive materials, ammunition, firework items or sparklers.
  3. Gases (whether flammable, non-flammable, intensely cooled or poisonous), such as camping gas, oxygen, propane or butane.
  4. Flammable liquids, such as fuels, paint or solvent.
  5. Flammable solids, such as easily ignitable items, substances subject to spontaneous combustion, substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water.
  6. Oxidising substances, such as caustic soda or peroxides.
  7. Radioactive materials. Certain restrictions also apply to medicines, toiletries, dry ice, and oxygen or carbon dioxide bottles for medical use.
  8. Any other similar substance or material considered as not-indicated for transport by the Company or the responsible of the vessel.
Passenger and luggage security controls may be carried out at the port before embarking, with the subsequent removal of sharp objects or items of any other nature that may be deemed dangerous. In order to avoid potential inconveniences, you are advised not to carry such objects.
In general, accreditation shall not be required, however if before boarding or during the trip there are reasonable doubts about the child’s age, an official document certifying the child’s age can be requested from accompanying adult.
This entity does not transport vehicles of any type, except those that the transport conditions of that line expressly authorise and that you may find on the company’s web page.
This route is subject to the conditions that regulate the Ría de Vigo’s Metropolitan Transportation and are available at https://tmg.xunta.gal/ and https://tmg.xunta.gal/xente-nova-que-e
Fares are available in our website and at our sales and information points. Credit card payment is accepted.
Complaint and suggestion forms are available to travellers at our departure and arrival points, as well as at Naviera Mar de Ons S.L., authorised information points. They can also be sent to the following at the customer service department at the following address Naviera Mar de Ons S.L. C/A Laxe 11, bajo 4 36202 in Vigo, telephone number (+34) 986 225 272 or in the following email administracion@mardeons.com
Without prejudice to the provisions of article 9 of Law 7/2017 of 2 November, which incorporates into Spanish law Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes, Users are informed that in accordance with article 21.4 of Royal legislative Decree 172007 of 16 November, they may turn to an alternative resolution entity notified to the European Commission, in accordance with the provisions of the law transposing into Spanish law Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes (click here)