Enjoy the Bouzas Fireworks, Tears of Saint Lawrence, Medieval Festival or Pontevedra Estuary Tour.

» Bouzas fires



Festivals in the Vigo Estuary: Bouzas fireworks. The Vigo municipality of Bouzas, in the middle of the Vigo estuary, celebrates its traditional festival in honour of the Christ of the Afflicted.

This festival has been declared of tourist interest by the Xunta de Galicia. Don’t miss out on the fuegos de Bouzas and enjoy them on board!

Its terraces and streets are filled with people, there is outdoor music, games and events for both children and adults alike. You can enjoy different orchestras and local music groups. It is one of the most famous celebrations in the Olive City, and it is not to be missed.

Enjoy the fireworks


The great day of the fireworks is on the third Sunday in July, a night which has already become one of the most awaited of the year.

And it is also the most awaited by our customers, who book their tickets every year to enjoy this wonderful pyrotechnic show on board. This is without a doubt the best way to enjoy them and the beautiful landscape that the Vigo estuary offers us at night.

» Tears of Saint Lawrence



Naviera Mar de Ons gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular astronomical events of the year: The Tears of Saint Lawrence, or the Perseidas meteor shower for the astronomy enthusiasts.
This amazing event has become a mandatory date for our clients in summer. For some days, the sky is flooded with shooting stars and Mar de Ons will sail towards Cíes Islands’ sky.

Enjoy the Tears of Saint Lawrence


Cíes Islands have the ‘Starlight Tourist Destination’ certificate

Tears of Saint Lawrence’ are at their brightest between August 11th and 13th. Every year, Mar de Ons provides a special trip to watch this astronomical phenomenon from the sea.

» Arribada – Baiona



Medieval Festival – Embark towards 1493. Live an exclusive, different and unforgettable experience arriving in Baiona just like the crew on board La Pinta did 522 years ago.
Touring our estuary with the salty sea breeze caressing your face is a unique experience. Navigating our waters, which house great treasures, you can admire places as impressive as the infinite sandbanks of Morrazo, Monteferro or Estelas, all with the Cíes Islands as a backdrop. As it could not be otherwise, our estuary is guarded by various lighthouses, lookouts located in impressive enclaves that help boats, day after day, to reach a good port.

Enjoy the Arribada


Get lost among its streets full of craft stalls, popular games, jesters, gastronomy or workshops in this fishing village.

In the Medieval Market, you will find a specific area where you can enjoy a wide range of traditional and handmade products with a great quality.

» Ría de Pontevedra



Mar de Ons gives you the opportunity to sail for an hour and a half along the Pontevedra estuary while enjoying an amazing panoramic view of the estuary and Ons Island.
We will venture and sail near Aguete beachthe Naval Military School of MarínTambos’ IslandCombarro and Raxó, while tasting one of the best local products on board: freshly cooked mussel. You will discover the true taste of the sea! Mar de Ons invites you to enjoy this amazing maritime tour across the Pontevedra estuary. We will come closer to the bateas, commonly known in Galicia but nowhere else

Unique experience in the Pontevedra Estuary.


Discover the Mussels Route with Mar de Ons.

Taste our exquisite mollusk accompanied by local wine, water or refreshments. Enjoy one of the most representative maritime tour of the Rías Baixas with us.


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