All the services provides by us comply with a series of technical requirements which have been previously established in a standard and which are designed to fully satisfy of our clients.

At Mar de Ons, we are focused on motivating our employees in order to achieve a common goal, which is the satisfaction of our clients and the continuous improvement that will allow us to continue leading this industry.

This makes us one of the few companies of the industry which has been granted the “Compromiso con la Calidad Turística” award (Commitment with Tourism Quality), awarded by the Rías Baixas Provincial Council of Tourism.

» Quality and Environmental Policy


NAVIERA MAR DE ONS, S.L. is a reference in the industry of the maritime transport of passengers in GALICIA. Our strategic goal is to fully meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, while respecting the environment.

In order to reach this goal, we have the necessary technical, economic and human resources in all areas of our organisation, and the company’s will is to make any efforts that are needed in order to adapt those resources to the new times.
Consequently, NAVIERA MAR DE ONS, S.L. expresses and embraces the following Quality and Environmental Management principles and commitments:

  1. We are at our customers’ disposal, committed to society and to respecting the environment. Our commitment is to meet all the customers’ requirements, strictly complying with the laws and regulations governing our activities, as well as with the environmental regulations, with the aim of minimising the impact on the environment by means of the technically and financially affordable resources.
  2. We consider training in all areas, including environmental issues, to be a basic element to improve our professionalism, which will contribute to our personal satisfaction and to our customers’ satisfaction, given the good service received.
  3. Our managers accept their role as leaders and therefore organise teamwork, creating eagerness and motivation, appreciating the good job, helping reach the goals and caring about the professional and human progresses of the people in their teams.

Once the environmental issues have been identified, the Company’s performance aims at:

  1. Pollution prevention by controlling atmospheric emissions.
  2. Minimising consumption.
  3. Minimising waste.
  4. Spillage control.