Ons Island - Galicia

Ons Island – Galicia

Since we started our activity, 23 years ago, our goal has always been to take the best care of you so that you can enjoy a unique journey. We will be a fellow traveller who you can fully trust. More than 1 million people already do so every year, making us in the main passenger shipping company in galicia.

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Beaches in Ons Island – Galicia

If you want to keep on treating your senses, you can complete your experience resting and sunbathing in one of its virgin beaches. You will have the opportunity of enjoying the feeling of being the first one to step your foot into the sand, still empty, and walk for hours hearing nothing but the sound of your footsteps. You can choose among five beaches: Melide, As Dornas, Area dos Cans, Canexol and Pereiró.

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Hiking Routes on Ons Island

Without any doubt, the best way to discover the National Park is by walking its trails conditioned for the public use. Only through the direct contact with the area is it possible to sully appreciate the values for which this little corner of the Atlantic Ocean was declared a National Park.

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Galician Cuisine in Ons Island

The typical Ons cuisine is a good example of the Galician cuisine, famous for using fresh products from the fields and the sea, which are then cooked in a traditional way.

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What to do in Ons Island – Galicia

Would you like to live unique experiences in one of the most beautiful corners in Galicia? Enjoy the art of nature and its many shapes, the light playing among the leaves, the sun tingeing the landscape with different colours, the unmistakable cuisine, and the coast scents which reach the mountains and merge with the breeze.

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Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park

The origin of Ons Island, as well as the other islands in the National Park, is deeply related to the origin of the bays and the coastal topography of the north-western Iberian Peninsula.

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History of Ons Island

The first evidence of settlers in Ons coincides with the Castro culture settlements during the Bronze Age. The most popular of these, which is yet to be excavated, is located over the Canexol neighbourhood and it is known as “Castelo dos Mouros”. Given that Romans used to settle in the already existent Celtic settlements, the lack of research regarding the Castro located in Canexol means that there are no records of Roman occupation on the Island either. Modern Age The Modern Age was a time of instability in Ons due to the many pillaging and pirate attacks. In the late 16th century, the siege of English corsairs began, Francis Drake being the most famous and feared, even among his own people, and also of Turkish and Berber pirates. The constant pillaging and burning of spaces in this place ended up with settlers fleeing to the coast at the beginning of the 18th century.

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Travel Guide to Ons Island in Spain

Mar de Ons provides you with the “Ons Island Guide”, an essential and very useful tool that will allow you to look up any doubts that you may have. It will also help you find the best tips to plan your visit.

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Ons Island – Ferry Timetables & Prices

Plan your trip in advance and get the best price to travel to Ons Island from the ports of Vigo, Bueu, Sanxenxo and Portonovo. Only Mar de Ons offers you up to 22 daily departures, which will allow you to plan your trip as it suits you best.

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Book your tickets to Ons Island

Reserve agora o seu bilhete e não fique sem o seu lugar no paraíso. Lembre que o número de visitantes por dia é muito reduzido!

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Group Travel Services

The best way to travel together and at the best price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Ons Island?

Ons Island can only be reached by boat. In the high season, Mar de Ons offers you trips from the main ports of Vigo, Sanxenxo, Portonovo, and Bueu. For the rest of the year, group trips are run and individual trips can also easily be organised. That’s why we recommend keeping an eye on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on any of these trips which also include guided tours at the location available in both Spanish and English. You can also call us on +34 986 225 272 or visit our sales office to check when the next available sailing is.

What to see on Ons Island?

There are countless things to see on Ons Island, such as its five beaches, which are all different in their own special way. Playa de Melide is the most well-known and prettiest of all the beaches on the Ons archipelago. Other ideal beaches for a day of sunbathing are Canexol, Area dos Cans, and Pereiró. Ons Island is 5.6km long, which means that it can offer activities such as hiking routes which are the perfect way to discover the most captivating hidden corners of the island. If you would rather try something else, you can also birdwatch on Ons Island.

How to travel to Ons Island?

The permit for Ons Island is processed on the Galician Regional Government’s official website where you can request one 45 days before your journey. You need to complete the form with your and, where applicable, your travelling companions’ details. A maximum of 10 visitors are allowed per each request. Once the form has been completed correctly, you will receive an email with a document showing the pre-reservation(s) for you to buy your tickers within a maximum of two hours. After purchasing your boat tickets, you will receive another email with the final permit(s) for your visit to Ons Island. The permit has a QR code for each visitor which is unique and non-transferable. You should be aware that based on the time of year, you may, or may not, have to complete the Regional Government form. Please follow the instructions exactly, but in any case, we will let you know before you buy your ticket.