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25 places to visit in the Rías Baixas (Part II)

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Specials

The area of the Rias Baixas is spectacular in every sense of the word. There are many places worth discovering, so we have decided to choose the 25 essential ones so you can organise your trip before you arrive. As we gave you the first 11 in the previous post, now we will point out the last stops on the tour of Galicia

12. Catoira

Catoira is a beautiful town, there’s no doubt about it. The most popular thing about this town is the Viking Pilgrimage. This festival takes place on the first Sunday in August and is of great national tourist interest. During this weekend, they perform a Viking landing, hold a Viking meal with costumes, processions and concerts. It is a fun festival which is well worth a visit.

13. Pontecaldelas Forest

The forest and riverside walk of Pontecaldelas is an inland tourist spot of the Rias Baixas situated in the province of Pontevedra. There, you will be able to enjoy a truly special natural surroundings through its hiking trails. In addition, near to Pontecaldelas, you will be able to visit the Pena da Moa sequoia forest. A stunning spot with hundreds of extremely tall sequoias that were planted there decades ago.

14. Pazo de Oca

Country houses form part of Galicia’s history, so one of the compulsory stops on your journey through the Rias Baixas must be a Galician country house. El Pazo de Oca is one of the most important in the area. It is known as the “Galician Versailles” thanks to its beautiful gardens of a Francophile nature that you will have the chance to walk around on a guided tour.

15. Fervenza da Toxa

The Toza waterfall or Fervenza da Toxa is located inland in the province of Pontevedra. It is the highest waterfall in Galicia and its natural surroundings are truly impressive. In addition, nearby is the town of Lalín, where you will be able to enjoy the famous ‘Cocido gallego’ (Galician stew) after your visit to the waterfall.

16. Campo Lameiro

Campo Lameiro is an archaeological site of cave art where you will find archaeological remains such as rock engravings and a reproduction of a prehistoric settlement. In the location’s interpretation centre, there are lots of fun activities for children and adults to take part in.

17. O Grove

This small peninsular situated on the Arousa ria is known as the seafood paradise and, in this case, the popular rumours don’t disappoint. It is one of the Galician tourist destinations par excellence. It is the ideal area to visit in summer, since there are plenty of beaches and unspoilt coves. In addition, near to O Grove, in San Vicente del Mar, you can find one of Galicia’s most stunning beaches: A Lanzada beach. This beach is beautiful and peaceful. Without a doubt, it is worth a visit.

18. Toja Island

Toja island is situated at the mouth of the Arousa ria and is separated from its neighbouring town, O Grove, by a bridge. This island is one of the best-known in Galicia thanks to its luxurious spas with healing waters which was opened in 1840 and still stands to this day. This exclusive island also features a five-star hotel and a casino. Apart from this, there is also a very pleasant promenade and the famous hermitage of San Caralimpio and San Sebastian, also known as the Conchas hermitage. This hermitage is definitely one of the most widely photographed in Galicia.

19. Dunes of Corrubedo

The Dunes of Corrubedo are situated between the Arousa ria and the Muros and Noia ria. These dunes form part of a protected natural park where you will be able to enjoy spectacular landscapes and its characteristic ecosystem. Nearby there is also the Corrubedo lighthouse, situated in a rocky area, from which you can see the dunes in all of their splendour.

20. Arousa Island

Arousa island is one of the favourite spots of tourists who visit the Rias Baixas. Here you will find Carreirón natural park, that you can walk around using its hiking trails. Also noteworthy are its unspoilt beaches and ancient lighthouse, from where you can take in the scale of the ria and its characteristic mussel farms.

21. Combarro

Combarro is a picturesque town situated on the Pontevedra ria and which is famous for its numerous raised granaries that look out to the sea. It is considered one of Spain’s most beautiful towns, so we encourage you to visit and discover its charm. 

22. Cambados

Cambados is a stunning fishing town in the province of Pontevedra. It is considered the capital of Albariño wine because of its large production. In fact, the Albariño Festival takes place each year in honour of this title. This town has a beautiful historic quarter which is worth visiting. And, if you prefer not to walk, you have the option of catching a train that travels through the town to show tourists the points of major interest. 

23. Castro de Baroña (fort)

It you are interested in discovering the history of Galicia’s ancient settlers, you must visit some of the multiple forts that are spread throughout the region. Of particular interest is the Castro de Baroña (fort), one of the most visited in Galicia. This fort is situated on the shores of the Muros and Noia ria, on the Barbanza peninsular, and is a good example of the typical “coastal fort” of the Iron Age.

24. Ézaro Waterfalls

The small village of Ézaro, in the coastal area of A Coruña, consists of an unrivalled landscape where the Jallas river flows into the Atlantic ocean in the form of a waterfall, from a height of 155 metres. If you would like to visit these spectacular waterfalls, we advise you to head to its viewing point to take a beautiful souvenir photo.

25. Cape Finisterre or Fisterra

To complete the tour of the 25 most beautiful places of the Rias Baixas, there is no better place than the spot that the Romans believed to be the end of the world, Cape Finesterre (Fisterra in Galician). Cape Finesterre is situated on the Corcubión ria in the province of A Coruña. It is a truly stunning area, where you will find Galicia’s wildest beaches. If you visit, you will find many pilgrims completing the last stage of the Camino de Santiago. When you are here, visit the old quarter of Finesterre and tour its beaches.

As you can see, there are a plethora of places that are worth visiting. When you travel to the Rias Baixas, try to visit them all because they are spectacular. And if you don’t get time to see them all on your visit, we invite you to come back again. Here in Galicia, we are delighted to show the world all of the beautiful corners the area has to offer.