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IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE CÍES ISLANDS OR THE ONS ISLAND FROM EASTER AND MAY 15 (EXCEPT CAMPERS), before buying the ticket, you must obtain the authorization requested by La Xunta de Galicia, in which they will provide you with the pre code -reserve (necessary to acquire the boat ticket).

Unspoilt beaches in Galicia: Enjoy the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Cíes Islands, Ons archipelago

Discover Galicia’s most enchanting unspoilt beaches! In this post, we invite you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons. With their idyllic landscapes and crystal clear waters, these islands are dream destinations for those looking for idyllic beaches far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Both the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons offer you an unforgettable encounter with nature in its purest state. Get ready to immerse yourself in a fascinating journey through these unspoilt beaches, where peace and quiet and beauty intertwine in perfect harmony.

Cíes Islands, the most beautiful beaches in the world

The Cíes Islands, situated on the coast of Galicia, are an authentic natural paradise that you simply must visit if you love unspoilt beaches. Known for its beauty, this archipelago is formed by three small islands: Monteagudo, do Faro and San Martiño. 

These islands form part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, together with the Island of Ons, the Island of Sálvora and the Island of Cortegada, thanks to their natural value. 

This place offers spectacular scenery, including its breathtaking beaches. Rodas beach is the most famous of all. With its white sand and crystal clear waters, it attracts visitors’ attention as soon as they arrive at the port. This beach boasts a striking beauty, which made it worthy of being considered “the most beautiful beach in the world” in its day.

But Rodas beach is not the only beach on the Cíes Islands.  Their coastlines are home to numerous beaches and coves with similar features: crystal clear waters, fine sand and beautiful surrounding vegetation. 

If you visit the Cíes Islands, don’t just stay in the port. Walk the trails of the islands and discover all of the stunning natural beaches this wonderful place has to offer.

Island of Ons, the other jewel of the Atlantic

Situated on the Pontevedra Ria, the Island of Ons is another of Galicia’s natural treasures that you should discover. Just like the Cíes Islands, the Island of Ons forms part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, which guarantees its conservation and protection.

The Island of Ons offers breathtaking surroundings with beaches of crystal clear waters and unspoilt landscapes. One of the most striking beaches of the island is Melide Beach, which is characterised for its white sand and turquoise waters. 

In addition to this beautiful beach, there are other beaches worth a visit, such as Area dos Cans, Das Dornas, Canexol and Pereiró Beach.  

Moreover, the Island of Ons features hiking trails that will take you to other equally spectacular areas like the cliffs and panoramic viewpoints. 

How to get to the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons

These beautiful natural places are within reach of anyone visiting the Rias Baixas. At Naviera Mar de Ons we offer sailing trips to both the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons, on our comfortable boats from various ports on the Galician coast: Baiona, Cangas, Vigo, Sanxenxo, Portonovo, Pontevedra (As Corbaceiras), Bueu and Combarro.

Additionally, you can sail all year round. Although it is true that boats depart regularly from various ports during the summer months (Vigo, Baiona, Sanxenxo, Portonovo, Pontevedra, Bueu and Combarro), you also have the opportunity to visit the islands during the other seasons of the year, but with a reduced timetable. 

If you go in summer, you must remember one important thing: to apply for a permit from the Xunta (Galician government) before purchasing your ticket. As we have mentioned before, the Atlantic Islands are protected and daily visits are restricted to a very specific number of visitors. 

If you are travelling at any other time of year, the Mar de Ons ferry company will take care of processing this permit application.

In addition to travelling to the Island of Ons and the Cíes Islands, the ferry company offers trips to other beautiful parts of the coast. These include the Island of Tambo (on the Pontevedra ria) and the Island of San Simón (on the Vigo ria). With us, you will be able to visit these islands and discover them in great detail thanks to our professional guides. 

If you come to the Rias Baixas, you will be able to enjoy a whole host of activities in nature. In the specific case of the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons, we can guarantee you that they are ideal destinations for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature in its purest state. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit these unspoilt beaches in Galicia and enjoy a unique experience in idyllic surroundings.