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The most enchanting towns of the Vigo ria: a hidden jewel in north-west Spain

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Specials

The Vigo ria is situated in north-west Spain, and is one of the country’s most beautiful coastal areas. With its impressive natural beauty and picturesque towns, the Vigo ria is truly a hidden treasure for those seeking relaxing holidays that are bursting with history and culture.

The towns of the Vigo ria offer a large variety of activities, from idyllic beaches and hiking to fresh seafood and exploring the region’s history and culture. If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway, the Vigo ria is the ideal place to visit.

Below, we tell you about the most enchanting towns of this estuary.


Cangas do Morrazo is one of the larger municipalities on the Vigo ria and has a population of approximately 26,000 inhabitants.

Highlights of this small fishing town include the beaches, the numerous historic and cultural monuments, the coves and its landscapes, as well as the fishing port, the calvaries, the stone houses and the squares.

It also holds various events and celebrations during the year, such as the festival of San Xoan, one of the town’s most important festivals, which is celebrated in June.

Very near to this town, you will also find the Cruceiro de Hío calvary, which is the best and most famous Baroque calvary of Galicia.


Moaña is a picturesque fishing town of almost 18,700 inhabitants which is known for its great variety of beaches and walking trails, as well as for its large gastronomic offer based on fresh seafood.

The Molinos trail is worth highlighting, as it is one of the most popular trails, taking you through a rural landscape in which you can see ancient water mills and waterfalls.

Moaña has a wonderful natural environment and an enviable cultural and historic heritage. We would highlight places like the Fraga River; the archaeological remains at the Mámoas de Chan de Arquiña; the museum at Carreiras; the trails to the beaches; the Pazo do Rosal manor house and the church of San Martiño.

The gastronomy in Moaña is extremely famous for its wide variety of fresh seafood, such as the mussels, barnacles, clams and common cockles, which can be eaten in the town’s numerous restaurants.


Baiona is one of the oldest towns in Galicia and has a population of approximately 12,000 inhabitants who enjoy a climate of mild temperatures practically all year round.

It has an old quarter which is full of history, and an impressive 15th century fortress. The town is known for its great historical and cultural heritage. The Fortress of Monterreal is an impressive medieval fortress situated on a hill and provides panoramic views of the Vigo Ria and the Atlantic Ocean. You can also visit the church of Santa María, an impressive Gothic church with a large Baroque altarpiece, and the Palace of the Kings of Galicia, which houses an important historical museum. Baiona is also famous for its great gastronomic offer based on fresh seafood.

In general, Baiona is an enchanting location with a large variety of activities for all tastes and ages, from beaches and water sports to eating fresh seafood and exploring the region’s historic and cultural heritage.


Arcade is a small town that is famous for the outstanding quality of its oysters. This product is served in any restaurant and at any time of the year.

It also boasts some important architectural and natural heritage, such as the castle, with its botanical collections in the gardens, and a seafront promenade that leads to the Roman bridge of Pontesampaio.

These are the most charming towns of the Vigo ria. Are we missing any? Write them in the comments and we will keep them in mind for our next charming towns post.