Cies Islands

Cies Islands – Rodas Beach

Cíes Islands boast nine fine white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters that let you enjoy the peace and beauty of their landscapes. They are authentic natural spots, where the traveller can shut out the world in an unrivalled setting. Rodas, Figueiras and San Martiño are the biggest beaches, but there are many coves such as Areíña, Bolos, Cantareira, Margaridas, Muxieiro and Nosa Señora de Carracido, where you can get lost among nature.

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Things to do in Galicia – Hike on Cies Islands

The best way to discover the magnificence of Cíes Islands is by taking one of the four trails through Monteagudo and O Faro Islands. Only by blending with the surroundings will you truly enjoy their flora and fauna, their dune systems, the birds observatories or the wonderful views from their cliffs. Monte Faro trail, with its two spectacular viewpoints, and Alto del Príncipe trail are particularly recommended.

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What to do in Cies Island

Drop anchor on Cíes Islands, catch the favourable winds, walk in the nature, visit sea caves, discover the sea depths or go on a journey to the centre of the Earth. Live the adventure and enjoy the natural marvels surrounding you. At Mar de Ons, you can find unique experiences to give as gifts or to enjoy for yourself. We will be glad to suggest different options to you so that you can discover this natural paradise in the most adventurous and exclusive ways.

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Cies Islands – Nature

Since 2002, Cíes Islands are part of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. This is a highly protected environment, only accessible by boat, where the number of daily visitors is restricted. Besides its incredible beaches, it has many other attractions to offer, such as its wonderful nature, flora and fauna.

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History of Cies Islands in Spain

Insulae Deorum, The Islands of the Gods. That is what the Romans called Cíes Islands. Are they heaven on Earth? Well, if they are not, they are certainly the closet that you can get. Once you discover them, you will immediately understand why. Centuries have passed since then, and they are still a heavenly paradise that has become the second tourist destination with the most visitors in Galicia, right after the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

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Cies Camping – Galicia

Staying overnight on Cíes Islands is the perfect way to enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience of admiring the twilights and sunsets from the wonderful viewpoints. The only accommodation place is the Cíes Islands Campsite, a category 2 campsite which also has the Green Camping badge for fulfilling the environmental, management and promotion requirements certified by the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard.

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Islas Cies in Spain Travel Guide

Download our specific guide for Cíes Islands, an essential tool for your trip that will provide you with all the information that you need. Without any doubt, this is the perfect traveller’s companion for looking up any doubts that you may have before or during your visit to Cíes Islands.

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Cies Islands – Pictures

Discover the natural beauty of Cíes Islands through our photo gallery.

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Cies Islands – Timetables & Prices

Mar de Ons offers the highest frequency of boats bound for Cíes Islands from the ports of Vigo, Cangas and Baiona.

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Book your tickets to Cíes Islands

Book your ticket now and do not miss your opportunity to visit paradise. Remember that the number of visitors per day is limited!

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Group Travel Services

The best way to travel together and at the best price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a permit for the Cíes Islands?

The permit for the Cíes Islands is processed on the Galician Regional Government’s official website where you can request one 45 days before your journey. You need to complete the form with your and, where applicable, your travelling companions’ details. A maximum of 10 visitors are allowed per each request. Once the form has been completed correctly, you will receive an email with a document showing the pre-reservation(s) for you to buy your tickers within a maximum of two hours. After purchasing your boat tickets, you will receive another email with the final permit(s) for your visit to the Cíes Islands. The permit has a QR code for each visitor which is unique and non-transferable. You should be aware that, based on the time of year, you may, or may not, have to complete the Regional Government form. Please follow the instructions exactly, but in any case, we will let you know before you buy your ticket.

How to get to the Cíes Islands?

The Cíes Islands can only be reached by boat. If you’re looking for ways to get to the Cíes Islands, in the high season, Mar de Ons offers you trips from the main ports of Vigo, Cangas, and Baiona. You can also call us on +34 986 225 272 or visit our sales office to check when the next available sailing is.

Cies Islands, how to get there?

If you’re looking for ways to travel to the Cíes Islands, Mar de Ons offers you, in high season, trips from the main ports of Vigo, Cangas, and Baiona. For the rest of the year, group trips are run and individual trips can also easily be organised. That’s why we recommend keeping an eye on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on any of these trips which also include guided tours at the location available in both Spanish and English. You can also call us on +34 986 225 272 or visit our sales office to check when the next available sailing is.

What to take to the Cíes Islands?

Clothes and comfortable shoes, sun cream, and camera, in case you want to snap some shots of the trip, are recommend as well as warm clothes for your return so that you can watch the sunsets from our spacious outside decks. If you stay at the campsite, you should be aware that you can only take a maximum of 20kg of luggage per person. Some of the banned items are explosives, gas such as gas fuel for stoves, flammable liquids, oxidising agents and radioactive materials, and bicycles. Now that you know what to take to the Cíes Islands, you can book your ticket. Check our rules beforehand or call us before your trip on +34 986 225 272.

What to do on the Cíes Islands?

The Cíes Islands are part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park, where you can find an endless range of activities to keep you entertained during your stay. What to do on the Cíes Islands? The hiking routes are perfect for discovering the best sites the Islands have to offer. There is a large range of routes of varying length and difficulty so you can choose the one that best suits your plans. They do all have some surprise hidden corners that you just have to see! You can go hiking on your own or with a specialist guide who will go with you along the whole route and give you information on the islands. If you choose this option, you can book it by writing to We recommend that you make reservations for this activity at least 3 days in advance as it is very popular. Please check the traveller’s guide on our website for all the information.

What to see on the Cíes Islands?

Located in Rías Baixas, the Cíes Islands offer a whole host of things to see. If you’re looking for things to see on the Cíes Islands, we suggest you stroll along its white sand beaches with crystal clear water and the hiking routes through the wilds of the islands. The most important beaches are Rodas, classed as the best beach in the world, Playa de Nuestra Señora, Figuiera, and Os Viños, which is at the end of Rodas. There are endless things to see on the Cíes Islands: the fauna, flora, bird observatories, cliffs, lighthouses…