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What to see in Vigo at Christmas

by | Dec 15, 2023 | O Barco do Nadal de Vigo, Specials

Discover how the magic of Christmas envelopes the city of Vigo in a unique atmosphere. During the festive season, the city lights up with a charming and jolly atmosphere, with Christmas lights and decorations, offering endless attractions that we recommend you don’t miss. From the lively Cíes Market to the impressive lights that adorn its streets, here you will find a complete guide of what to see and experience at Christmas in Vigo. Get ready to enjoy this festive season like never before.

Visit Cíes Market, Vigo’s Christmas market

Cíes Market, situated in La Alameda, features 100 food stalls and carts. Here you will find a wide range of culinary offerings which include typical dishes from Galicia and other parts of the world (empanada pasties, tacos, arepa flatbreads, churros….). In addition to food, the stalls offer a variety of handcrafted products, clothing, accessories such as bags and hats, as well as Christmas decorations. 

One of the Christmas market stalls is that of Mar de Ons, where you can buy tickets for the most magical and original Christmas attraction in the city: O Barco do Nadal de Vigo

In addition to the stalls selling food and products, Cíes Market features some spectacular lights, including a wooden pergola with Christmas lights and decorations, which forms part of the town hall’s new lighting project called “Alameda Acendida”

The Christmas market will remain open every day in December. From 20th December, its opening hours will be extended so that all visitors are able to enjoy it. From Monday to Friday it will stay open from 17.00 until 00.00, and on weekends (from Friday onwards), the day before public holidays and the public holidays themselves, closing time will be extended until 1am. 

Have fun at the Christmas attractions

Next to Cíes Market in La Alameda, there are a variety of fun attractions for children. Here, little ones will be able to enjoy a small carousel, trampolines, a kids’ train and other fun attractions. 

But the true gem of this area is, without a doubt, the giant Ferris wheel. With its impressive 54 metres in height, it offers panoramic views of the city from the highest point, an unrivalled experience that many consider to be the best in the city.

In addition to the attractions in La Alameda, there are others spread throughout the city in different locations, including the bumper cars at the Yacht Club and the large carousel in Porta do Sol.

See the Christmas lights

Vigo’s Christmas lights are spread across several streets in the city centre. The main starting point is the Porta do Sol where, in addition to the carousel, you can also find the enormous Christmas tree that changes colours to the rhythm of the music.  The tree has a small entrance that you can walk through and take some incredible photos from inside.

From Porta do Sol, you can head down Calle Policarpo Sanz to Cruce de Colón, enjoying several decorative features, including an elegant golden carousel, an illuminated arch and the adorable teddy bear that every child will fall in love with. In addition, there is a wooden hut with a very special guest: Father Christmas. Children can visit him and share their Christmas wishes. The decorative elements also light up Cruce con Colón and Calle Príncipe, continuing along García Barbón where you will be amazed by the lights, including a giant snowman and singing angels. 

Vigo’s bright Christmas lights illuminate various streets in the centre, offering a magical journey. 

Sail along the Ría de Vigo on O Barco do Nadal

Sailing in the Barco do Nadal Christmas boat along the Ría de Vigo is truly magical. Don’t miss it! During the trip, which lasts approximately one and a half hours, you can admire the city’s Christmas lights from a truly privileged spot. 

Moreover, the atmosphere on board is unbeatable. The boat is bursting with a festive atmosphere with flashing lights and Christmas music, on a journey where passengers will be accompanied by cherished characters like Father Christmas, the pages of the Three Kings and even the Grinch, who will be there to liven up the trip for both old and young.

For those wanting to guarantee their place on this special trip, tickets can be bought both in person at Cíes Market and online through the Mar de Ons website. This option offers the flexibility of choosing and booking in advance, ensuring an unforgettable Christmas experience for all guests.

Ride the Christmas train

Another way to see the Christmas lights without having to walk through the streets of Vigo city centre is to ride the Christmas train. There are two different trains, which depart from different parts of the city. One starts in Plaza Compostela and travels around the lights in the city centre. The other starts in Plaza de Independencia and tours the lights of the Traviesas area. 

Without a doubt, this is a comfortable and fun way of seeing all of the city’s Christmas decorations quickly. 

Ice skating

Another favourite place for children at Christmas is the ice-skating rink installed in the Samil area. This year, it will be open from 1st December until 28th January. General admission will cost 8 euros for 50 minutes, including skate hire.  In addition, right next to the skating rink, is the karting area, also open throughout the festive season.  

Although Samil is a little out of the city centre, there are direct buses and a large car park for those preferring to travel by car.

Christmas Circus

The Christmas Circus will also visit Vigo with a fascinating show. If you enjoy a great show, we encourage you to visit this circus when you come to the city. Acrobats, jugglers, fearless riders and further artists make this a thrilling event aimed at adults and children. 

This circus experience will be available from 2nd December until 14th January, at Avenida de Castelao 50.  Anyone in Vigo at this time will be able to enjoy a unique and surprise-filled experience.

Guided tours of the Cíes Islands at Christmas

Throughout December and until 7th January, here at the Naviera Mar de Ons ferry company, we organise guided tours to the Cíes Islands to enable those wanting to relish in nature during the festive season to enjoy the National Park at Christmas. Weather conditions permitting, guided tours are offered to the Cíes Islands National Park, a service that will remain active after the festive season every Saturday throughout the year.