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IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE CÍES ISLANDS OR THE ONS ISLAND FROM EASTER AND MAY 15 (EXCEPT CAMPERS), before buying the ticket, you must obtain the authorization requested by La Xunta de Galicia, in which they will provide you with the pre code -reserve (necessary to acquire the boat ticket).

What to do during Easter? Visit the Cíes Islands

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Especiales, Islas Cíes

If you’re uncertain about how to spend your Easter break, this article offers an intriguing option for the season. This brief spring holiday presents a fantastic opportunity to escape the routine and indulge in experiences surrounded by natural beauty. The Cíes Islands emerge as the ideal destination to share quality time with family, your partner, friends, or to enjoy solitude during Easter. Moreover, the likelihood of pleasant weather enhances the prospect of basking in a sunny day within the natural paradise of the Cíes Islands. 

Before embarking on a journey to the Cíes Islands, it’s important to note that this archipelago, consisting of three islands, is situated on the Galician coast in the northwest of Spain, nestled right at the estuary of the Ria de Vigo – one of the main cities in this Autonomous Community. Designated as part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, these islands stand as a favoured destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts, accessible through our Mar de Ons ferry company. 

With their beaches of fine white sand, clear waters, and impressive landscapes, they constitute a unique destination, providing a diverse range of activities to relish during the Easter holidays. Whether you choose to spend the day on the beach or explore hiking routes and trails, these islands offer a plethora of options. Keep reading to discover them all!

Easter activities on the Cíes Islands


The Cíes Islands feature a comprehensive network of trails offering an adventurous perspective to discover their rich flora and fauna. With various routes spanning both inland and along the coast, you can explore the island, engage in sports, and connect with nature. Catering to all levels, tastes, and ages, this activity provides different options. Moreover, at Mar de Ons, we organise guided tours to the Cíes Islands over Easter. Reach out to to organise your guided tour! 

The Cíes Islands offer four distinct hiking routes, providing the flexibility to mix them, explore each separately, or visit points of interest along any of them.

  • Alto do Principe Route

This route spans approximately 3 kilometres, concluding at the summit of Mount Agudo. Commencing at the information booth on the Island of Monteagudo, it traverses Figueiras beach. Upon reaching the pinnacle of O Principe, breathtaking views of the cliffs unfold. Completing this route takes about an hour, with few challenges along the way, making it an ideal family-friendly adventure, especially for those with children.

  • Monte Faro Route

This itinerary stands out as the most renowned among the four available on the Cíes Islands, as it encompasses several points of interest, including the Pedra da Campá rock formation and the Cíes Lighthouse. Stretching nearly 7.5 kilometres of moderate difficulty, and lasting approximately 2 and a half hours, this route is ideal for hiking enthusiasts. Its major allure lies in the spectacular views it offers: from the Ria de Vigo estuary to Rodas beach, Lago dos Nenos lake, the entire archipelago, and stunning sunsets from the imposing cliffs.

  • El Faro da Porta Route

This route follows the southernmost coast of the Island of Faro, extending 5 kilometres in length. With low difficulty and a duration of one and a half hours, it’s an ideal trail for families. Highlighting scenic seascapes such as Nosa Señora beach and Carracido jetty, the route is particularly noteworthy for Faro da Porta, or A Porta Lighthouse, which lends its name to the trail. This lighthouse stands as one of the favourite spots among visitors, offering the best views of the cliffs towards the Island of San Martiño.

Faros en las Islas Cíes

  • Monteagudo Route

This natural trail takes you through forests where you can enjoy the islands’ flora and fauna in all its splendour, which is why it is the preferred choice for nature lovers. This journey will take you along Figueiras beach and ends at Faro do Peito lighthouse. It stretches 5.5 kilometres, is of medium difficulty and lasts a little more than an hour and a half.

Ornithological tourism

On the Cíes Islands, an exceptional destination for bird watching, a unique experience awaits you during the spring migration. You’ll have the opportunity to marvel at an impressive variety of marine birds, including gulls, cormorants, and gannets, along with terrestrial species like the peregrine falcon. During Easter, seize the chance to join the guided tours provided by Mar de Ons ferry company to explore the diverse bird species inhabiting these islands. Discover two strategically located observatories: Alto da Campá on the Island of Faro and Faro do Peito lighthouse on the Island of Monteagudo, both offering fantastic views and the opportunity to observe sea bird colonies.

At the bird observatories of the Cíes Islands, you can relish spectacular scenery and capture unique photographs while observing gulls and cormorants nesting on the cliffs. Along the trail to these points, you may encounter other unique species of terrestrial fauna. It’s crucial to bear in mind the importance of respecting the peace and quiet of the animals, as both the Cíes Islands and the Island of Ons have held the designation of Special Protection Areas for birds (SPAs) since 1988.

Turismo ornitológico en las Islas Cíes

Enjoy unique flora and fauna

The Cíes Islands serve as an exceptional sanctuary for a diverse range of fauna, hosting unique native species. They play a pivotal role in the conservation of species at risk of extinction. From marine mammals like common dolphins and blue whales to reptiles and birds such as yellow-legged gulls and European shags, the islands boast a remarkable array of life that will undoubtedly leave you astounded. 

The Cíes Islands showcase a diverse range of ecosystems, encompassing cliffs, dunes, and scrub. Boasting over 200 terrestrial plant species and more than 300 marine algae, these islands stand as a paradise for nature enthusiasts. From forests of native trees to expansive underwater seaweed forests, the wealth of marine and terrestrial fauna creates unique landscapes in this idyllic destination. It presents a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and explore new vistas along the Galician coast.

Relax on the beaches of the Cíes Islands

The Cíes Islands boast a diverse array of beaches and coves, extending beyond the renowned Rodas Beach. This includes the serene Figueiras Beach and the secluded Nosa Señora Beach, perfect for tranquil activities like reading or snorkelling. Moreover, the islands provide intimate coves such as Areíña Cove, easily accessible from the jetty in Rodas. 

Each of these beaches showcases distinctive landscapes, with fine white sand and crystal-clear waters taking centre stage. These unspoiled beaches require extra care and protection, emphasizing the importance of adopting respectful behaviour. Avoid excessive noise and, above all, ensure to collect all litter generated on the beaches and carry it back with you, disposing of it properly after leaving the islands.

Visitar las playas de las Islas Cíes

How to get to the Cíes Islands at Easter

To visit the Cíes Islands during Easter, it is essential to acquire a permit from the Galician regional government. The area is protected, and daily access is restricted to 1800 visitors and 600 campers. Planning your trip well in advance and obtaining a permit through the regional government’s website is crucial. The website provides the opportunity to check the availability of the dates you intend to visit.

After completing your pre-booking, you will have a two-hour window to purchase your boat ticket from Vigo, Pontevedra, Cangas, Sanxenxo, Portonovo, or Baiona on our Mar de Ons ferry company website. Our boats depart for the Cíes Islands with flexible timetables, providing the convenience to plan your visit comfortably. However, we recommend booking in advance, especially during high season. Moreover, the cities from which we depart add an extra charm to your getaway, featuring old towns and coastal landscapes that perfectly complement your holiday.