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Visit Cambados: The jewel of wine-growing and seafood in the Rias Baixas

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Special, Specials

Situated on the north-west coast of Spain, in the province of Pontevedra, Cambados is a charming fishing town that has conquered the hearts of those in search of a unique wine and culinary experience.

Surrounded by the impressive landscapes of the Galician coast and the magical surroundings of the Rias Baixas, this tourist destination stands out for the perfect combination of its wine-growing tradition with exquisite Albariño wines and the abundance of freshest and most delicious seafood this region has to offer. In this post, we tell you about its rich history, its oenological and culinary offer, and the activities and experiences that await you in this charming coastal town.

The history and charm of Cambados

The history of Cambados dates back to ancient times, with evidence of prehistoric settlements that prove its history. Subsequently, the Romans also left their mark on the region and you can find archaeological remains bearing witness to their time in the area.

Over centuries, Cambados continued to evolve, becoming a stately and trading town during the Middle Ages. Noblemen and wealthy traders made this town their home, building wonderful palaces and stately homes that now form part of the town’s historic quarter. This architectural and urbanistic site has been admirably preserved, giving it a special charm that visitors fall in love with.

As you wander the cobbled streets of Cambados, it is impossible not to be in awe of its traditional architecture, with stone façades, wooden galleries and balconies decorated with flowers. Plaza de Fefiñáns square is an iconic place with a striking beauty and is home to Pazo de Fefiñáns, a Baroque palace with impressive gardens.

In addition to its architectural heritage, Cambados is famous for its links to the sea and fishing. Along the coast, you can find small fishing ports that add authenticity to its seafaring character. Fishing boats return each day with freshly caught fish to supply local restaurants, guaranteeing that the seafood served is of the highest quality and flavour.

Highlights among the places of historic interest worth visiting include, San Sadurniño Tower, an ancient defensive fortress that dates back to the 9th century. It is located on an islet of the same name which offers incredible panoramic views of the surrounding area. In addition, the Church of San Benito, with its Gothic architecture and Baroque elements, is a place of enormous artistic and historic value. And finally, the Church of Santa Mariña, despite being in ruins, stands out for its four transversal Romanesque arches which are still standing and is also home to a small cemetery inside.

In addition to these outstanding places, in Cambados, you can find a plethora of charming corners to discover. The town’s history and charm are interlinked to create a unique and captivating setting, where the past and present come together in harmony.

Wandering through its streets full of history and enjoying is charming atmosphere is an experience that transports visitors to a bygone era, while the vitality of the sea and its fishing activities keep a tradition alive that has made this town a must-visit destination in the Rias Baixas.

Albariño wine route in Cambados

A visit to Cambados wouldn’t be complete without immersing yourself in the experience of the Albariño Wine Route, one of the most prestigious denominations of origin in Galicia and around the world.  Albariño vineyards are scattered across the hillsides near Cambados, offering a picturesque landscape and a unique opportunity for wine lovers to try some of the best varieties of this characteristic grape. Local wineries, with centuries of winemaking tradition behind them, open their doors to welcome visitors and share the passion for Albariño wine.

During a visit to the wineries, oenologists explain the process of making the Albariño wine, from grape harvesting to fermentation and bottling. Tourists can learn about the production techniques and specifics of the climate and soil, which is what makes this region’s wines so special. And, of course, there is plenty of opportunity to taste the different varieties of Albariño, appreciating its unique aromas and flavours that reflect the character of Galicia.

In addition to the wineries, the Albariño Wine Route also includes other wine-related activities, such as tastings paired with local products, where the Albariño is accompanied by fresh seafood and cheeses from the region, boosting the flavours of both. Wine festivals are also notable events, where locals and tourists come together to celebrate a wine-growing culture and enjoy Galician music and gastronomy. In particular, the world-famous Albariño Festival, which is held each summer in the town crowned “Albariño Capital” thanks to its wine-growing status.

The Albariño Wine Route in Cambados is, without a shadow of a doubt, an enriching experience for those who love wine and those who want to discover the secrets behind this golden elixir. The combination of picturesque vineyards, historic wineries and exquisite tasting sessions make this oenological route a must-visit on a trip to the Rias Baixas.

The gastronomy of Cambados

Cambados is the ideal place to enjoy all of the delicacies that Galician cuisine has to offer. The fish and seafood stand out in particular with their exceptional quality.  Local restaurants offer a wide variety of fresh and delicious dishes, from barnacles, mussels and clams, to octopus, spider crab and prawns. Seafood is cooked simply to highlight its natural flavour and is served with traditional accompaniments such as corn bread and boiled potatoes.

Lovers of seafood can delight in a feast in one of the port’s many restaurants, where they can enjoy the sea breeze while tasting authentic Galician delicacies. Locals are well aware of the importance of the quality of the product, so each dish is meticulously prepared and the freshest and best seafood available is chosen.

Without a doubt, the combination of fresh seafood and local Albariño wines creates an unrivalled culinary experience that will remain etched on the palates and in the memories of visitors for a long time to come.

Additional activities and experiences

In addition to its historic charm and exquisite culinary offer, Cambados offers a variety of additional activities and experiences that will enrich your visit to this fascinating corner of the Rias Baixas. One of the most striking options is to take a boat trip around the Rias Baixas from the nearby ports of Sanxenxo or Portonovo. With the Mar de Ons ferry company, you will be able to enjoy unforgettable trips to the Cíes Islands, an archipelago declared a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters and its hiking routes and lighthouses.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of being to explore the nearby islands such as the Island of Arousa or Island of Ons, which are also charming destinations in the Rias Baixas. On these islands, you will find spectacular beaches and natural reserves which offer a more private and relaxing experience in contact with Galician nature.

If you have the chance to visit Cambados during any of the local festivals, such as the Albariño Festival, you will get to experience the community’s vibrant energy and enjoy the traditional music, folklore and typical Galician joy.

A trip to Cambados is an unforgettable experience.  We invite you to visit this beautiful town and allow yourself to be captivated by this magical corner where tradition, flavour and beauty fuse together to provide you with an unrivalled experience in the heart of the Rias Baixas.