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IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE CÍES ISLANDS OR THE ONS ISLAND FROM EASTER AND MAY 15 (EXCEPT CAMPERS), before buying the ticket, you must obtain the authorization requested by La Xunta de Galicia, in which they will provide you with the pre code -reserve (necessary to acquire the boat ticket).

The Vigo ría as a family tourist destination

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Specials

The Vigo ria is the perfect place to enjoy as a family. Its landscapes and gastronomy are two of its main crowning glories, making it one of the most sought-after destinations in Spain. 

It is protected from the ocean by the Cies Islands, opening out to the ocean at Cape Home to the north and Cape Silleiro to the south. Within the estuary, you will find wild and spectacular beaches, you can visit villages that have lots of charm, try the local gastronomy, hike the trails and climb up to viewpoints which have the most amazing views.   

It is also the southernmost of the Galician rias (or estuaries) of the Rías Baixas and home to the traditional bateas (floating rafts) on which the authentic estuary mussels are grown.

In this post, we show you some of the areas and the trips in the Vigo ria that you can enjoy with your family. 


The olive city offers an endless number of options for family trips. Below, we tell you about some of the best plans you can make in Vigo with children. 

You can tour the city on the tourist bus, visit the Museo del Mar aquarium, discover the animals that live at VigoZoo or explore an endless number of beaches,  such as Samil and O Vao.

Vigo is also a city full of green spaces where you can enjoy a stroll or a bike ride. Visit O Castro, Castrelos, or go beyond the city by taking the hiking route along the Senda del Agua (Water Trail).

If you want to enjoy the best views of the estuary, you can do this from the viewpoints of Paseo de Alfonso XII or the one at A Guía. It is also worth taking a stroll around the Casco Vello (Old Quarter), where you can try the local gastronomy, particularly the seafood, of course, which will come as no surprise. 


If you are in Vigo, we recommend you cross to the other shore of the estuary on board one of our boats. We offer a daily service from Vigo to Cangas, and from Cangas to Vigo.

Cangas do Morrazo is the most seafaring town in the estuary, and it has a very attractive old quarter.  Very near to Cangas, you will find Bueu, which is another municipality with lots of charm. 

In this part of the estuary, you will find idyllic beaches, such as the beach at Melide, or you can follow hiking trails along the Costa da Vela or Cabo Home which are perfect to walk with children. 


You can’t come to the Vigo ria without discovering the wonderful Cíes Islands, one of the most visited places in Galicia.  

It is a truly natural setting that is famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, surrounded by nature. It is without a doubt the perfect trip to organise with children.  

You can stroll along the beach at Rodas, which has been named the best beach in the world on more than one occasion, go hiking along the trails and, during the summer, you can also camp on the beach and take a dip in its idyllic waters. 

Perhaps, one of the most requested estuary trips is a visit to these islands, and that’s why we recommend you book as soon as possible, as the daily quota for visits is very limited.  


Sailing along the Vigo Ria is a unique experience that you should not miss. It is the deepest of all the rias and you will be able to get close to the bateas which, as we mentioned earlier, are where the mussels are grown. 

Along the Vigo Ria, you can sail on a private vessel, or you can sail with us for a one and a half hour trip, while you enjoy the impressive panoramic views along the whole ria until reaching the majestic Rande bridge thanks to our mussel tour with on-board tasting. Boarding for this tour takes place from Cangas and Vigo.


You can’t leave the Vigo ria without first visiting an island that holds many more mysteries than the others. The Island of San Simón was inhabited by the Knights Templar during the 12th century, plundered by the corsair Francis Drake, it was a place where sick people were kept under quarantine, and it was used as a prison during the Franco regime. Today, it is used for cultural activities such as the Sin Sal Festival.

Mar de Ons offers you the opportunity to discover all the facts about the three most notable of the many events that took place during the history of the Vigo Ría, visiting the scenes where they took place. A specialist guide will talk about the invasions by Francis Drake, the Battle of Rande and the presence of Nazi Germany around wolfram, while you enjoy an impressive panoramic visit inside the Vigo Ría. 

If you would like to discover the Island of San Simón with your family, you can buy the tickets here. 


Val Miñor is a region which includes the municipalities of Baiona, Nigrán and Gondomar. One of its attractions is that it offers equal measures of coast and mountain.  

Baiona, is one of its most popular tourist areas, as well as being where the discovery of the new continent was first found out about when, in 1493, it was reached by the caravel Pinta, captained by Martín Alonso Pinzón. During the summer months, this town also offers trips to the Cíes Islands, which makes it a fantastic destination for enjoying the Vigo Ría as well. 

If you are in the mood for fine sandy beaches, you should visit Nigrán. Patos beach and playa América beach are the most popular and they are divided into two by the Monteferro peninsula. We would also highlight Panxón and Madorra as places that are well worth a visit.

These areas are very popular during the summer, but they are also peaceful and perfect for enjoying a family holiday.