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IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE CÍES ISLANDS OR THE ONS ISLAND FROM EASTER AND MAY 15 (EXCEPT CAMPERS), before buying the ticket, you must obtain the authorization requested by La Xunta de Galicia, in which they will provide you with the pre code -reserve (necessary to acquire the boat ticket).

Come to see the play of Fariña in Cangas

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Travel Vigo-Cangas | 0 comments

The acclaimed play, Fariña, based on the famous book about cocaine smuggling and criminal gangs is running in Cangas. Combining a trip to the theatre of Cangas  visit to the great Spanish city of Vigo is truly a magical experience.

The Fariña Play

Nacho Carretero’s nonfiction book, Fariña, which translates to flour which is slang for cocaine focused on drug trafficking in Galicia. The book has been made into a smash hit TV series of the same name. In the TV show, a skilled speedboat handler is recruited to smuggle tobacco and then Cocaine into Spain via the Galician coast.

Carretero, an investigative journalist, has seen his book sell over 100,00 copies. In 2018 a court order was imposed banning further sales. This was lifted a few months later after a successful appeal.

The play brings the events alive and is worth going to Cangas to see it. The events are based on real-life events that happened in Galicia. This gives the play a magic and a realism few can match. To think what unfolds on the stage actually happened a few miles from where you are sitting gives the play an edge, and makes for the best theatre-going experience.

see the play of Fariña in Cangas


Visiting Vigo and Seeing the Play

Savvy travellers combine their trip to Cangas to see the sights and experience culture and a theatre visit to see the play Fariña.

You are now free to catch the ferry which takes you to the town of  Cangas. The ferry sails along the Vigo Estuary and watching the city roll past is a sight everyone needs to see at least once. It is a particularly popular way to know Cangas, and you avoid traffic queues.It is a particularly popular way to get, avoiding traffic lines and taking a leisurely stroll through one of the most emblematic fishing villages in all of Galicia.

Suggested Itinerary to See the Fariña Play

To get the best out of your visit it is best to arrive at least one night before you are due to see the play. This will give you time to check into your hotel and to relax. It also gives you time to explore the city a little before you are due to take your seat and lose yourself in the magic of the production.

Before you go to the theatre, you have time to sample the amazing Galician food in one of Vigo’s fine restaurants. Seafood is particularly sought after and exquisite in the city, especially as most restaurants use a fresh catch every day.

After seeing the play, why not stay in Vigo for a week or more. There is plenty to see and do, and you can take in the Cies islands and enjoy their delights. This part of Spain is blessed with tourist attractions and taking the time to explore them is well worth your time, giving you a life-enriching experience.

Seeing the Fariña play is a thought-provoking and thrilling piece of entertainment. Seeing it In Cangas makes it that much more poignant.