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The best hiking trails of the Corrubedo Dune Complex

by | Jun 14, 2023 | Special, Specials

The Corrubedo Dunes and the Carregal and Vixan Lagoons Natural Park is a protected area located on the Barbanza peninsula, between the estuaries of Arousa, Muros and Noia. The park occupies around 1.000 hectares and consists of dunes, Corrubedo beach and the Vixán and Carregal lagoons. 

Each year, this natural space is visited by hundreds of people who are amazed by its great beauty.  In today’s post, we want to recommend you some hiking trails so that you can also get to know the park in depth. 

Paths and trails of the Corrubedo dunes

To prevent damage to the surroundings, a system of paths has been created that allows you to view the dune complex without having to go over the dunes. Also, if you are travelling here by car, parking areas have been adapted which give you direct access. 

The five routes that you will find at the dune complex will enable you to discover the whole area. However, we recommend that you take binoculars so that you can see it in detail.

1. The Water trail

The Water trail is a 2.5 km circular route that will enable you to discover the two lagoons of the natural park, the Vixán lagoon. In this freshwater lagoon, you will also find a bird hide where you can observe different bird species among its reed beds, such as the grey heron, grey cormorant, the grey-headed gull and the Eurasian coot. Some species are residents while others only stop over at specific times of the year. 

Along this path there are two detours that take you to two very interesting places.  One of these is the fort of Porto de Baixo, a settlement located at the side of a small cove to the south of the park. The other is an area occupied by four restored watermills on the Amendo river: the das Pezas, the Grande de Gabenlle, the Tarrulo and the one at O Formigueiro. These watermills preserve the machinery that was used in past times by the local people used to mill wheat and to make bread.  

2. The Beach trail

The Beach trail starts at the Casa da Costa Visitor Reception Centre, a place where you can get information about the different guided visits that there are in the area. This 1 kilometre circular route takes you along some walkways that go over the dunes from the beach area. Along the route you will find the Pipín burial mound, a Megalithic burial monument, also known as mamoa, which is between 4.000 and 8.000 years old.  

3. The A Gandarela trail

The A Gandarela trail starts at the same point as the previous route. This is an route of 6 kilometres along which you will see the Carregal lagoon, the other lagoon in the natural park, and unlike the first lagoon, this one is saline, as it is linked to the sea through various channels.

4. The Wind trail

The Wind trail is a short 30 minute trail that begins at the Olveira information point. Along the walkways that it goes over, you will be able to appreciate the great diversity of vegetation in the Fields of Olveira.  Also along the walk, you will find a viewpoint from which you can see the famous mobile dune

Due to the lack of vegetation, this well-known dune moves with the wind. It is estimated that it moves between 2 to 3 centimetres each year. The dune is 20 metres high, which makes it a large-sized dune for the north of the peninsula.  Until a few years ago, it was possible to climb it, but this is no longer permitted. 

5. The Sea trail

The Sea trail is a 3.5 kilometre trail that also begins at the Olveira information point. Along this route, you will be able to see the intertidal zone, which is frequented by a large variety of seabirds, and the extensive marshes of the natural park, which are characterised by their great biological diversity.  

This trail lasts for approximately an hour and a half. Despite being the longest trail, it is an easy route to do.  

As you can see, the Corrubedo Dunes and the Carregal and Vixan Lagoons Natural Park has various trails on which you can discover every nook of this very special place on the Rías Baixas. All the trails are low difficulty and are very well signposted, so they are perfect for doing them on your own or with the family. The ideal thing is to go during good weather, when the sky is clear and there is a high tide. That way, you will get the most enjoyment from the lagoons.