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The best viewpoints on the Ría de Vigo estuary

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Cíes Islands, San Simón Island

The coastline of the Ría de Vigo estuary is dotted with countless natural landscapes full of life and charm. To enjoy these views, there are ideal places to fall in love with the splendour of this estuary, take the best photographs and breathe fresh air. These places are the viewpoints of the Ría de Vigo estuary, from which you can observe the best sunsets over the imposing horizon. The Ría de Vigo gives us unique images of the sunset over the Cíes Islands, the mussel rafts (known as ‘bateas’), the Island of San Simón or the Rande Bridge, unmistakable symbols of this territory.

In addition, with the Mar de Ons Ferry Company, you can also visit some of these iconic symbols in the estuary’s surrounding area, such as the Cíes Islands or the Island of San Simón, from which you can enjoy a unique perspective of the estuary and its surroundings. Book your tickets now on our website!

Why visit the viewpoints of the Ría de Vigo

The Ría de Vigo estuary possesses an unmistakable beauty, not only in terms of its natural value, but also for being a fantastic leisure destination for water sports, visiting idyllic beaches and discovering stories and traditions. That’s why it is one of the most photographed places in the Rías Baixas, both by locals and visitors alike. Fortunately, there are numerous viewpoints in the surroundings of the Ría de Vigo, some providing a broader panorama and others offering a more detailed perspective of specific elements. The popularity of these may vary, but in this blog post we highlight 8 of the best viewpoints in the Ría de Vigo estuary that will take your breath away… Keep reading!

Top 8 viewpoints of the Ria de Vigo to watch the sunset

The Monte de O Castro Viewpoint

This viewpoint is one of the most iconic in Vigo, located in the city centre and easily accessible. It offers a panoramic view of the city of Vigo and the Ría de Vigo from different perspectives. Monte de O Castro is a natural space bursting with history, which is a viewpoint in itself, making it unforgettable. One of its great advantages is that, being right in the middle of the city, depending on your chosen slope, you can see a range of different views.

From some points of O Castro you can see the Cíes Islands and the island of Toralla, as well as the impressive size of the Port of Vigo in the foreground. On the other hand, if you look to the right, you can see the port area of Teis and the Monte de A Guía at the mouth of the estuary.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this viewpoint is a must for all those visiting the city. Green spaces, a museum space with the remains of local settlements, playgrounds, a bicycle circuit, or skating rink are just some of the charms that can also be found in Monte de O Castro in addition to its multiple viewpoints.

The A Guía Viewpoint

Another high point in the city of Vigo is Monte de A Guía, which extends into the waters of the estuary and has a viewpoint from which you can observe the landscape beside a small hermitage: A Nosa Señora das Neves. This enclave has an enviable natural environment, and from here you can enjoy views of the most iconic elements of the olive-growing city, such as the port with the Cíes Islands in the background. It is one of the favorite places for tourists to take photos of the sunset for their social media.

The Paseo de Alfonso Viewpoint

In the heart of Vigo we can also find one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the Ría de Vigo estuary. It is a unique balcony overlooking the estuary, located on Paseo de Alfonso XII and designed by the architect Jenaro de la Fuente. It is one of the star viewpoints of the city thanks to its central location and, therefore, very easily accessible. Moreover, it offers privileged views of the Cíes Islands, protagonists of its landscape, along with the city centre and port area that showcases Vigo’s more industrial side.

This viewpoint is located next to the Plaza de A Fonte, where you can enjoy a relaxing activity, such as having a drink while watching the sunset. Also, in this square is one of the most iconic symbols of the city, the famous olive tree.  

Miradores de la Ría de Vigo: paseo de Alfonso XII.

The A Madroa Viewpoint

Visiting Monte de A Madroa is a firm favourite with families, since you can enjoy a day full of activities, making use of its picnic area. It is accessed mainly by car, although it can also be reached by bus, on foot or via walks in the surrounding area. Its viewpoint rises like a balcony with exceptional views over the Ría de Vigo estuary and the Cíes Islands crowning the landscape.

The best bench in the world in Cedeira, Redondela

This viewpoint of the Ría de Vigo has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its beauty and suitability for taking photos for social media, as it offers wonderful views from “the best bench in the world.” It is a small bench anchored to a rock that can only be reached by foot.

This place, one of the most viral on social networks, is also called Mirador Campo da Rata and is located in Cedeira, Redondela. From the top, you can see the entire Ría de Ría de Vigo estuary, with the Rande Bridge, the Island of San Simón, and the Cíes Islands dominating the views. The views of Cangas and Moaña, the stillness of its waters, and its significant mussel rafts are just a few of the factors that attract attention to this idyllic landscape.

The Faro de Cíes Viewpoint

One of the most outstanding viewpoints with the most privileged views of the Ría de Vigo is located on the Cíes Islands. This is a visit that must be made at least once in a lifetime. The Faro de Cíes, or Cíes Lighthouse Viewpoint, is located on the Illa do Medio and offers lesser-seen views of the estuary. It is accessed via a trail along which you can enjoy the island’s fauna and, ending with the imposing lighthouse, built between 1851 and 1853.

From this point, you can enjoy, on one side, the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other, the Ría de Vigo and the city itself as a backdrop. It is a magical place that moves everyone who visits it. The Cíes Islands are accessed by boat and you can book your tickets on our website: We operate trips every month.

Mirador del Faro de Cíes, para ver la Ría de Vigo.

The Soutoxuste Viewpoint

Offering views of the Island of San Simón as a great attraction, the Soutoxuste viewpoint in O Viso (Redondela) is a favourite among visitors, as it offers a different panorama to the typical view of the Ría de Vigo estuary. From this point, in O Alto da Cabaleira, you can admire the Rande Bridge in all its splendour, with the mussel rafts and the Cíes Islands in the background. It is a perfect place to watch the sunset, as it leaves the bridge silhouetted against the light and creates beautiful images. 

If you change perspective, moving round to the opposite side, you can also see the mouth of the Verdugo River. In addition, the area has a picnic area with tables and barbecues and a unique natural environment. Access by car is the easiest and fastest way.

The Chan de Arquiña Viewpoint

Finally, it is worth mentioning one of the highest viewpoints that allows you to see the Ría de Vigo estuary in its entirety: the Chan de Arquiña viewpoint. It is located in the parish of Domaio, in Moaña, and is located 600 metres above sea level. It is a wooden balcony that blends perfectly with the surroundings and from which you can observe up to 3 different estuaries if the sky is clear. If you look ahead, you can see Monte de A Guía, the port and beaches of Vigo, the Rande Bridge, and the Island of San Simón. However, if you turn your gaze, you can also see the ría de Pontevedra estuary and the ría de Arousa estuary in the distance.

Travel to the Cíes Islands and San Simón Island with Mar de Ons

To enjoy unique views of the Ría de Vigo, we recommend that you travel to the Cíes Islands and San Simón Island to observe this landscape from a different perspective than usual. 

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