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Which museums to visit when you are in the Rias Baixas

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Special, Specials

The Rias Baixas is a beautiful area which combines natural spaces with towns and villages that show you what life is like in this southern part of Galicia, its seafaring identity, its connection with the countryside and its own characteristics. If you decide to visit this area in the southwest of Spain, as well as seeing the different attractions, we also recommend that you visit its museums so you can gain a better understanding of its history, culture and identity.  In this post, we want to show you some of the best museums the area has to offer. So when you visit, make sure you stop off at some of them.

Quiñones de León Museum (Vigo)

The Quiñones de León Municipal Museum in Vigo is one of the city’s most impressive museums. It stands out for its collection of Galician paintings, which reflect the region’s artistic wealth. It also has an archaeological section which offers a journey back in time through remnants of both Galicia and other parts of the Iberian Peninsula. The museum is also noted for its wonderful building, a fantastic traditional manor house or ‘pazo’, which dates back to 1670, and the lush gardens that surround it.

The manor house is situated within the famous Castrelos park, which is accessible 24 hours a day, enabling you to stroll around the outside of the building at any time. The permanent exhibition inside the museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am until 2pm, on Saturday from 5pm until 8pm, and on Sundays and bank holidays from 11am until 2pm, and entry is free of charge.

MARCO Museum (Vigo)

Vigo’s Museum of Contemporary Art, known as MARCO, is a cultural space that holds temporary exhibitions of work by local and international artists which explore different artistic movements and expressions.

This museum is located in the former Court House, in the heart of the city in Calle Príncipe. It is ideally located since it enables you to explore the city centre after visiting the museum.

The museum opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday (including bank holidays), from 11am until 2.30pm and from 5pm until 9pm; and on Sundays from 11am until 2.30pm. In addition, general admission is free of charge and no booking is required.

Galicia’s Museum of the Sea (Vigo)

Galicia’s Museum of the Sea, located in the former Alcabre-Molino de Viento canning factory, in Vigo’s Avenida Atlántida is a cultural and scientific space dedicated to the sea.

In this museum, you will discover how Galicia’s history is directly linked to the sea.  You will learn about shellfishing practices, fishing and the old salting factories that once existed in the region and you will be able to explore replicas of traditional boats. In addition, in its aquarium, you will have the chance to discover the sea ecosystems that are representative of the area, while you learn about the importance of conservation and taking care of the seas and oceans.

The museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday, including bank holidays, with flexible opening hours from 10am until 8pm. General admission costs €5 but there are reduced rates for students and large families, among others, and children under 8 and school groups enjoy free entry.

Verbum Museum (Vigo)

Verbum Museum, also known as ‘A Casa das Palabras’ (House of Words), is a unique space located in a unique place, right next door to the well-known beach of Samil.

This museum focusses on four main themes: language, science, literature and technology. Through interactive exhibitions, word plays and sensory experiences, it invites you to explore the fascinating world of language in all its forms. Thanks to its playful approach, this space is ideal for children since they will learn about the different forms of human communication while having fun.

Opening hours for Tuesday to Friday are from 5pm until 8pm, while on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, it is open from 12p until 2pm. General admission is a nominal fee of .50 cents, and is free for registered residents of Vigo, the unemployed, students, children under 14 years and large families.

Pontevedra Museum (Pontevedra)

Pontevedra Museum, founded in 1927, has experienced constant growth. Nowadays, it is made up of six buildings, all located in the city’s old quarter. Five of them are historic buildings in the city that have been renovated for this purpose.

This museum is home to several collections, ranging from prehistoric times to the present day, including Galician painting masterpieces and religious art. Without a doubt, this is a very comprehensive artistic space, which offers you a unique experience to appreciate the region’s cultural heritage.

Currently, the museum offers the opportunity to visit two main sites: the Castelao and Sarmiento buildings, as well as the Santo Domingo ruins. The opening hours vary and change depending on what you want to visit. In the case of Santo Domingo, you should know that it is closed from 1st November until 31st March, but it is possible to book a guided tour.  The Castelao and Sarmiento buildings are open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am until 9pm, and on Sundays and bank holidays from 11am until 2pm.

MASAT Museum (A Guarda)

At the top of Santa Tecla hill, in A Guarda, is one of the best-preserved forts in Galicia. Located within the fort itself, we find the Archaeological Museum of Santa Trega (MASAT), which houses a collection of objects from the era in which the forts were established, between the 1st century BC and 1st century AD.

Additionally, the museum has a notable variety of objects that date back to earlier periods, such as the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age. These findings suggest the presence of inhabitants in the area of the Miño estuary since ancient times.

The admission fees to access the hill vary depending on the type of vehicle: cars cost €3 plus the price per passenger, motorbikes cost €2 plus the price per person and caravans are €4 plus the price per passenger. Admission for adults is €1.50, with a concessions rate of €1. It is possible to have a guided tour which includes admission and a guide, at an additional cost, and admission is free for children under five.

Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park Visitor Centre (Vigo)

The Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park Visitor Centre in Vigo is a gateway to the fantastic biodiversity of this natural treasure. It offers an immersive experience in the ecosystem of the Cíes Islands and other protected areas of the park. Through interactive and audiovisual exhibitions, visitors can explore the unique flora and fauna, as well as the importance of marine conservation. An essential starting point for those wanting to explore and admire the natural beauty of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia.

After visiting the centre, we recommend you travel to the Cíes Islands and Ons Island so you can enjoy first-hand all the wonders the Natural Park has to offer.

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Each one of these museums in the Rias Baixas offers you a unique experience that brings you closer to the rich history and culture of this wonderful region. Each visit is a chance to enrich your knowledge and enjoy unforgettable moments. Don’t hesitate to explore them during your visit to the Rias Baixas!