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Vigo, Galicia. The Spanish City you Have to See

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Travel Vigo-Cangas | 0 comments

Spain is known for its majestic and brilliant cities of Barcelona and Milan, and its beautiful mountains and gorgeous beaches. Vigo, in Galicia, is a city on Spain’s northwest coast. It arguably has the best of Spain rolled into one and is one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

It is just north of Portugal and to get there many go to the town of Cangas, park the car, and take the ferry into the heart of the city. This is romantic and perfect for Valentines Day. It is also perfect by design as there is something special seeing the city roll past.

Once you’re in the wonderful city of Vigo, what can you see and where can you go?

Vigo, Galicia – What to See and Where to go

In Vigo and wider Galicia, you have a wealth of options for one of the best holidays you’ll ever have. The city is steeped in history and culture and has a wealth of attractions whether you are a solo traveller, a couple or a family. Many come at Christmas to see the lights and love it so much they return in the summer. Vigo, Galicia, is that cool.

Seafood in Vigo, Galicia

Given its coastal location, you would expect the seafood to be that little bit special, and it doesn’t disappoint. The seafood here is exceptional and possibly is the best in the world. The local people take a lot of pride in their seafood and the cuisine generally. They have every right to. Galician food is a delightful explosion of flavours, no matter the cuisine style.

There are a number of tours you can embark on that takes you to the finest restaurants in Vigo and wider Galicia.

Vigo in Galicia is the city that you have to see


Beaches in Vigo, Galicia

There are some amazing beaches in Vigo and Galicia. Some are designed for families, while others are more suited to couples and solo travellers. The largest of Vigo’s beaches is Praia de Samil. It is about half a mile long and fifty feet wide. Given its size, you can always find a quiet spot and the restaurants, playgrounds, cafes, and skateparks will keep everyone amused.

Visit the Cíes Islands

They preserve a delicate biosphere and are home to rare species of birds and wildlife. They also have some of the best beaches in Europe, possibly the world.

Discover Galician Culture

The culture of this part of Spain is particularly fascinating. Galician people are proud of their heritage and take pride in the beauty of their city and region. You can discover this culture in a number of places including the Ethnographic Museum, Quiñones de León Museum, and the wonderful Monte O Castro.

The latter affords you city-wide views as you discover historical-cultural gems such as O Castro Castle, and the Yacimiento de O Castro archaeological site. Not to be missed.

Vigo, Galicia is a place you have to see, and no doubt want to visit over and over again.