Restaurants in Vigo - Galician Cuisine

Restaurants in Vigo – Galician Cuisine

Traditional Dishes – Cangas

The local cuisine of Cangas do Morrazo is closely linked to the resources available in this area, especially fish and shellfish caught in the coast. Always true to the Galician cuisine, Cangas offers traditional dishes such as Galician pie, shoulder ham with turnip tops, and tripes with chick peas. Among the favourite desserts, leche frita (fried custard powdered with sugar and cinnamon), filloas (a type of pancakes) and cheesecake must be mentioned.

Seafood is eaten throughout the year, whether mussels, clams, cockles, spider crabs, barnacles, natural oysters, etc. These extraordinary dishes are usually served together with the well-known Donón or Albariño de Hío, typical Galician wines.

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Food Festivals in Cangas

Throughout the year, Cangas do Morrazo is home to many food festivals promoting the typical local products and fostering the development of the catering industry and the local businesses.

A dozen of local restaurants take part in this festival, offering the possibility to taste this exquisite dish prepared in various ways.
This festival takes place at the Plaza de Abastos in Cangas, and around 40 bars take part in it. They all prepare “tapas” with unique, innovative recipes made with local products.

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Quality Products – Vigo

Several factors contribute to the success of the cuisine from Vigo: the great tradition of Galician cuisine, which is one of the most varied, tasty and renowned cuisines in Spain; the wide variety of options; and the exceptional port of Vigo, which provides our markets and restaurants with the best raw material.

It is no surprise that sea products are the main ingredient of all dishes, given that Galicia has 1,500 km of coast, numerous bays, and one of the main fishing ports in Europe.
The delicious and renowned seafood and fresh fish, which arrive at the port from all seas, are used in the “tapas”, which are prepared according to tradition and with the unique know-how of the best signature cuisine. This is an incredible feast that can be enjoyed at the most exquisite restaurants, the most modern bars, the traditional taverns and the terraces of any bar, whether at lunchtime or in the evening.

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Food festivals in Vigo

Every year, forty different varieties of seafood are sold during this festival at very affordable prices. Everything is decorated with craftworks and there are folk dances, from Thursday to Sunday. The Seafood Festival offers a take-away service, which will allow you to take your seafood platter anywhere in a convenient box.