Battle of Vigo Bay – St Simon Island

Battle of Rande

The Battle of Rande is, undoubtedly, the most important historical fact that took place in Vigo Bay. If you sail with us, you will be learn about the outcome of this legendary historical event, thanks to the Count of Sarmiento y Valladares, Viceroy of the Indies and Count of Moctezuma and Tula. This experience will take your imagination back to the 18th century, and it will allow you to live the battle as one of its protagonists.

And who better than the Count of Moctezuma and Tula himself to tell you about this key fact in the story of Vigo Bay, which ended with the Battle of Rande, on the 23rd October 1702? This character, who plays a key role in the Battle, will provide you with a first-person account of the events occurred then and their outcome. He will also share his opinions, thoughts and even feelings with you.

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