Boat cruise to St Simon Island

Boat cruise to St Simon Island

Sailing on a Sea of History

Discover all the details of the three most remarkable facts in the history of Vigo Bay by visiting the scenarios where they took place. A specialised tour guide will tell you all about the invasions by Francis Drake, the Battle of Rande and the presence of Nazi Germany around wolfram, while you enjoy the astonishing panoramic view of the inside of Vigo Bay.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the history of Vigo Bay and its legends, by the hands of one of our expert tour guides, while the boat takes a panoramic view of the Bay, offering you a wonderful view of the different landscapes that you will see during the journey.

Francis Drake, a well-known pirate in the Caribbean, privateer in the European Atlantic coasts and admiral appointed by Queen Elizabeth of England, is related to Vigo Bay. In the 16th century, he tried to invade the coastal populations on up to four occasions, the fourth and last one being dramatic of them all.

The Battle of Rande took place in the interior of Vigo Bay, at the beginning of the 18th century, amidst the War of the Spanish Succession. The Spanish galleons, loaded with treasures coming from the New World and protected by French ships, took refuge in the inlet of San Simón, until the Anglo-Dutch discovered the hiding place of the valuable load.

As for the greatest battle of all times, World War II, it took place very far away from Vigo Bay but did not go unnoticed here. In recent years, historians, writers, journalists and researchers of all kinds have written thousands of pages about the Nazi presence on this coast. The sympathies of Franco towards the German uprising and the good geographical location for military purposes meant that, during the five years of WWII, Vigo Bay turned into the perfect location for a spy movie.

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