Galician Cuisine in Ons Island

The most renowned is the pulpo á feira (traditional Galician octopus recipe). However, you can also taste other first-class fresh products from the sea, resulting from the traditional fishing and the tradition of this Island, such as seabass, clams, razor clams, or variegated scallops. The unique taste of these dishes will undoubtedly delight any palate.

Besides, the traveller will be surprised by the quality of the regional wines, especially the white ones bearing the designations of origin Rías Baixas or Ribeiro; the traditional dessert, and the stunning sea views that can be admired while indulging in this wonderful cuisine.

Pulpo “A Illa”

Fishing has always been the most important activity for the islanders, and it has become their main seal. Octopus, which is caught using old fishing methods, is the main ingredient in its cuisine, delighting all those who travel to Ons Island to taste this unique and unparalleled dish.

Among the different preparations, the most traditional one is the caldeirada. This recipe merges two traditional ingredients from the island: octopus and potatoes, dressed with a sauce made with oil, onion, garlic and paprika.


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Casa Checho

In order to fully appreciate and discover the cuisine of this area, embarking on a culinary trip through history and tradition, the Island has a restaurant where the most representative dishes are prepared. “Casa Checho” is a family establishment where quality is higher than price.

Fresh fish and shellfish are its speciality; simple and traditional recipes are its seal. The caldeirada de pulpo and the variegated scallop corn pie are its most popular dishes.

Contact information: Curro 10 Aptdo. 36930. Telephone number: (+34) 986 687 698

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