Medieval Festival in Galicia

Historical Re-Enactment

Every year, during the first weekend of March, Baiona holds these big medieval celebrations of National Tourism Value, in order to celebrate that this was the first European port to receive the news of the discovery of America. For two days, this event and the lives of the villagers in 1493 are re-enacted.

During the Arribada, both the old town of Baiona and its inhabitants are transformed, travelling back in time to 1493, to celebrate the anniversary of the disembarking of Martín Alonso Pinzón (the Spanish navigator and explorer who sailed with Christopher Columbus in his first travel to the New World, in 1492, as the captain of La Pinta). This disembarking, bringing the news that the New World had been discovered, is the most remarkable event in the history of Baiona and one of the most important events in the history of Spain.
Baiona was the first European port to receive the news about the discovery of America, and messengers departed from here in order to inform the Catholic Monarchs about the success of the mission by Christopher Columbus.

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Medieval Street Market

During the two celebration days, the visitors will find a huge medieval street market with food and handmade products typical in that period. Buffoons, rogues, beggars, troubadours and other different characters fill this event with a medieval hustle and bustle that attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all the corners of the Iberian Peninsula every year.

Re-Enacting the Arrival of La Pinta Caravel

The main event of the festivities is the re-enactment of the arrival of La Pinta, which takes place on Ribeira beach late in the evening. Neighbours from the village recreate, with historical accuracy, how La Pinta arrived in Baiona and how the learnt of the existence of America for the first time.

This historical drama intends to make the audience relive the glorious moment when La Pinta returned to Baiona on 1st March 1493, following the greatest sailing feet of all times: the discovery of America.

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Wide Range of Animations

During the two days of celebration, the streets of the old town are full of leisure activities, the most remarkable of which are the medieval Olympics, archery, the knights’ training and fencing.

Another famous attraction, receiving more and more people every year, is the medieval tournament in which the knights fight for the princess’ heart on Ribeira beach. You can watch a jousting tournament, dart-throwing and quintain knock-downs, with knights, squires and halberdiers demonstrating their skills.
The falconry exhibitions with prey birds as eagles are also remarkable.

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Activities for the Children

The Arribada is a celebration for all audiences. Come with your children and enjoy the activities especially designed for them so that the whole family can enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience.

Children will make the most of this special celebration, with medieval activities in different places of the old town, including the medieval carousel, the shadow theatre, the rocking caravel or the medieval traditional games.

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Museo de la navegación

Como novedad, a partir de este año la Arribada ofrece un nuevo punto de interés para el visitante, el Museo de la Navegación de Baiona, un espacio que muestra la vocación marinera de la villa a lo largo de la historia y en el que se puede contemplar material muy diverso, desde réplicas de antiguos navíos a piezas arqueológicas halladas en la bahía durante los trabajos de ampliación del puerto pesquero.

Instrumentos náuticos, mapas y documentos históricos completan la colección permanente, a la que recientemente se han incorporado las dos primeras lámparas del faro de Silleiro, donadas por la Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo.

El Museo de la Navegación contará además con un jardín trasero donde se construye un pequeño auditorio y un área de juegos infantil, en la que se instalará una réplica de la nao Santa María.

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