What to do in Cies Island

Mar de Ons offers you a wide range of experiences in order to discover this natural paradise in the most adventurous and exclusive ways. Enjoy them for yourself or give them as gifts to anyone you want!

Official Guided Tours

Discover the main landmarks of this natural paradise by the hands of a specialised tour guide with the four official trails designed by National Parks. This experience offers you the chance to discover, admire and enjoy the uniqueness of this gorgeous natural paradise which has been a part of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park since 2002.

A specialised tour guide will lead you throughout the entire tour, so that you learn about its history and discover its beaches and amazing views first hand.

Walking through Cíes Islands, you will understand why this is the second destination with the highest number of visitors in Galicia, and you will visit the most beautiful beach in the world.



The Monte Faro trail offers amazing views over Vigo Bay. It is one of the longest trails, but it is also the most popular.

This trail will allow you to visiting the following places:

  • Pedra de Campá, a unique geological formation pierced by the saltpetre brought by the Atlantic winds.
  • The Birds Observatory, from where you will be able to admire the thousands of yellow-legged herring gulls nesting in the cliffs, and even some European shags, who prefer nesting in areas nearer the sea. You will also enjoy the stunning views over Rodas beach and lake.


Faro de A Porta trail will take you on trip along the southern coast of O Faro Island. Less known and less busy than Monte Faro trail, this nature trail offers a magnificent view over the islands nearer the sea.

During the trail, you will enjoy the panoramic views of San Martiño Island, the southern island in the archipelago and the only one which cannot be accessed by the regular line boats.


The Alto del Príncipe trail is a nature trail going up to the peak of Monte Agudo. It is the shortest trail, and it offers the visitors an easy-to-walk route that does not miss on any of the archipelago’s beauty.

Along this trail, you will be able to visit the following places:

  • “Silla de la Reina” (the Queen’s Chair”), a famous rock formation shaped by the natural elements. From there, you will enjoy wonderful views over the cliffs of the archipelago’s western coast.
  • Alto do Príncipe is the most important point of the trail, allowing you to admire the contrast between the geography and the vegetation of the two sides of the island. Likewise, it is the perfect place to watch the large group of yellow-legged herring gulls that nest in the cliffs.


Monte Agudo trail is a nature trail running among the trees of Cíes Islands. It is a short trail that goes mainly through a forest area, offering a pleasant walk despite the slope and the uneven ground at some points.

This trail will allow you to visit the Birds Observatory, from where you will also enjoy the panoramic view over Cíes Islands the neighbouring coast of O Morrazo. You will also visit Faro de O Peito. This lighthouse is located on the nearest point to the continent on Cíes Islands, barely 2.5 km from Cabo Home. From there, you will see Ons Island, which in Pontevedra Bay.


In order to walk these trails, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as to drink water and use sunscreen, since the temperature is hot and the solar rays are very intense during the summer season on Cíes Islands.

May we suggest you to download our Traveller’s Guide, where you will find all the information that you need in order not to leave anything behind.

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Mar de Ons takes you to the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park in order to live a different and unique experience in a wonderful natural place. Last January, this area was among the fourteenth places in the world that received the “Starlight Tourist Destination” certificate.

The National Park has obtained this recognition thanks to its outstanding qualities for stargazing, which offer the visitors the chance to admire the stars and the astrological phenomena in a sky free of light pollution.

Travel with us and enjoy the wide variety of activities held by the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park this year, such as:

  • Dramatised night tours and navigation related to the animals, the night’s sounds and the park’s nightlife.
  • Photo tours and photography workshops through the different archipelagos in the park.
  • Stargazing educational activities, in cooperation with the Universities of Vigo and Santiago.
  • Storytelling and other leisure activities for children at the Islands Interpretation Centres located in Vigo, Vilagarcía, Ribeira and Bueu.
  • Guided tours for all audiences, in which a tour guide will give explanations about astronomy and other phenomena, with the possibility to stay in the islands or on an anchored boat overnight.

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