Island of Tambo

Great historical and environmental value

Tambo Island, in Galician Illa de Tambo, is one of the islands of the Rías Baixas with the greatest historical and environmental value. It is a small island located in the middle of the Pontevedra estuary and is managed by the Council of Poio.

Until recently it was under the jurisdiction of the army, but nowadays it is open to anyone who wishes to visit it.

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What to visit in Tambo Island
Tambo Island is a beautiful natural area of great environmental, heritage and historical value with several attractions, such as its two beaches (Area da Illa and A Dreidá) and its three small jetties and the Tenlo lighthouse.
Before you visit Tambo Island, we will also tell you a little about its history. As mentioned above, this island has been used for many different purposes over the years. This small place has been inhabited by Benedictine monks, attacked by pirates, used as a prison and as a lazaretto, and administered by the army and, now, by the council of Poio.


The only way for visitors to access Tambo Island is to take one of our boats to the harbour on a guided tour that includes the trip to and from the shore.

At the moment, Tambo Island can already be visited from summer onwards.

The number of visitors who can enter the island is limited, in order to preserve and protect the island and its natural and historical heritage. Therefore, we encourage you to book your boat tickets in advance and then apply for a visitor's permit here, so that you can enjoy the island on one of the guided tours and discover the secrets of this beautiful place.

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