Spain day trips: Cíes islands, Ons island and more

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Spain is a wonderful country with many visitors flocking to it year on year. They come for the culture, vibrancy and fun of the whole country.  They come because Spain has a Mediterranean climate. Come to a Spain day trip ¡you will not regret it!

As well as the country’s tourist hotspots, they also have some great hidden gems that should be explored. These make for perfect day trips. With this in mind, let’s look at Spanish day trips you may not have heard of; Let’s start with Cíes Islands.

Cíes Islands, a Great Spain Day Trip to Savour

Located in northwest Spain in the region of Galicia are the Cíes Islands. They form part of Galicia National Park and are surrounded by crystal blue waters. Here, you’ll find holidaymakers hiking, swimming, and sunbathing.

Spain day trips at Cíes Islands

If you’re staying on the Spanish mainland, you may want to take a few days out of your itinerary and explore this region. Cíes Islands are a perfect day trip in Spain, and wider Galicia is worth exploring too.

To get to the islands, ferries operate out of Vigo, Cangas and Baiona during the months of June to September. At peak times in July and August is it worth booking your place in advance due to high visitor numbers, and visitor numbers are restricted to preserve their natural beauty and delicate ecosystems that exist there.

You should know that one of the islands, San Martiño, is only reachable by private boat and you will only be allowed to drop anchor if you obtain a permit first.

The other two islands, Monteagudo and Faro, however, are great in their own right. Between them is a beautiful beach called Rodas Beach but many know it as the ‘The Boomerang’ thanks to its shape. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Just behind this stretch of sand is Rodas Lagoon.

As well as Rodas Beach, Figueiras Beach is known for its popularity with Germans and features beautiful white sand.

Hiking is very popular, and there are some magnificent trails affording you views like few other places on earth can offer. Many head to Mount Faro for the panoramic views. Other places to see include the bird observatory, the islands are home to a colony of Cormorant birds, and Pedra da Campa, an unusual rock shaped by its environment.

Ons Islands: A Spanish Day Trip to Savour

Also part of Galicia is the wonderous Ons Island. It is around three miles long and was once a vibrant fishing town. Today, its ecological importance has been realised, and they form part of the Atlantic Islands National Park. The island is home to ten beaches. Despite open to the Atlantic Ocean, the Ons Islands are protected from harsh weather by their Pontevedra estuary location. This gives the islands a Mediterranean climate. As well as spending time on one of the white sand beaches, you may want to explore, and there are some great hiking routes that enable you to do this. This includes:

  • Lighthouse route – This hike takes you to the lighthouse route, called “Faro”, and you take in many of the buildings from the islands’ past.

Do not miss the chance to come to a great day trip in Spain with Mar de Ons. You should check them out, you’ll enjoy them.