Visiting the Cíes Islands is a must for many year after year, they have fallen in love with it! If you are thinking of going this summer, we encourage you to camp, as you will have more time to enjoy all corners of the islands.

The Cíes Islands campsite

Everyone can bring their own tent. Furthermore, the campsite also offers some to rent, but the number is limited, and demand is high, so the most important thing is to plan the trip ahead of time!

The area has complete facilities: restaurant, shop, showers, toilets, changing rooms adapted for babies and for people with reduced mobility, laundrette, sinks for cleaning dishes, WiFi and battery charging area.Bear in mind that, the island’s water supply is limited, and it must be consumed responsibly in the facilities.When visiting the island, everyone must manage the waste they generate and take it back to the land, but campers have containers available.Two security guards ensure the safety of campers 24 hours a day and respect for quiet hours, between 00:00 and 08:00.


The views from the Cíes Islands campsite are breathtaking: Lago dos Nenos, la Praia de Rodas and la Ría de Vigo.

Make the most of your visit to the Cíes Islands at night

Two days gives you enough time to walk around all the islands, although if you want to do it at a relaxed pace and enjoy all its beaches, routes and nature, you will need a few more.

As we have stated before, the Cíes Islands have the Starlight seal, recognizing them as a tourist destination of interest for observing the stars, thanks to its lack of light pollution. On a clear night, the views are impressive and during the Perseidas, it is one of the best options in Galicia to enjoy them.

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In addition, the sunsets from the Alto del Príncipe are spectacular, with the sun setting in the sea and the infinite colour combinations. Another perfect plan would be to enjoy the sunrise from any point on the island, but if you want a high point, the Lighthouse is a good place.

Sounds good, right? We hope you can visit the Cíes Islands and enjoy the experience. Live the adventure!