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Last days to enjoy the Christmas lights in Spain

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Travel Vigo-Cangas | 0 comments

If you haven’t seen the Christmas lights in Spain, specifically in the city of Vigo, you’re missing out. The good news is that you still have time to pack a bag and take you and your family to this magnificent city situated on Spain’s Atlantic coast, just north of Portugal.

Seeing the Christmas Lights in Spain

To see the Christmas lights in Spain, there is an exquisite ritual to follow. Park your car in Cangas and taking the ferry to the heart of Vigo is the best option to visit the city! The car park is a few minutes from the port and with Mar de Ons  you can leave your car in Cangas and come to Vigo by ferry being able to choose the time frequency that best suits your visit.  Once you are underway, you will be swept away by the boat journey to the centre of the city.

This is a romantic thing to do if you’re a couple travelling together, and if you’re a family, it is a special moment. Your kids will love watching the city unfold as the ferry travels up the river, and even as adults, this is a moving experience.

Vigo authorities have spent almost a million euros on Christmas lights and attractions. Nearly every square inch of the Old Town is covered in Christmas lights. If you are looking for a new year break, then Vigo is the place to come.

Highlights include:

  • A 60m high Christmas tree. This is something to see. The lights make it come alive, and it looks spectacular.
  • 465 Christmas trees that will be fun to spot as you wander around.
  • Ten million LED lights. The creative display of lights is simply wondrous.
  • Great shopping in the markets. The locally-built handmade products are still selling. This is another reason to see the Christmas lights in Spain and pick up some unique products.
  • Sample the famous Vigo food and wine. Many of these can be picked up in the market too. This is amazing street food and is truly delicious.
  • Go for a ride on the Ferris wheel. It is lit up like the rest of the city and offers fantastic views. Kids will love it.
  • Visit Santa’ House. He is still here in January so you should always be good to ensure you get a gift.
enjoy the Christmas lights in Spain


The Christmas atmosphere is very much alive even in January. There is a feeling of togetherness and joy which you should sample at your earliest opportunity. The tourist crowds are not so strong at this time of year, and so getting around the great city is more pleasant.

Discover Vigo’s Culture and History

As well as the Christmas lights Vigo is a cultural delight. It is packed with culture and wandering through the different districts shows different sides to the city. There are historical wonders and informative and fascinating museums. Whether you are here as a couple of a family, you can easily lose yourself in the cultural side of Vigo.

Vigo not only has the best Christmas lights in Spain but possibly the whole of Europe. If you hurry, you can see them before they come down and then you won’t get a chance to see them before the best Christmas lights in Spain are restored next November.