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Find good cars and much more in the XXIX Auto and motorciclye show in Vigo

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Travel Vigo-Cangas | 0 comments

Car lovers around the world rejoice at the thought of annual car shows. With many being shut down or relocating, Vigo remains to have a great local motor show with good cars that attracts attention from the rest of the country – and sometimes even travellers from around the world.

The 2020 show will have a huge range of good cars. This includes 36 brands that will be presented, along with some commercial vehicles. This isn’t a specific theme of, say, classic cars. There will be a plethora of choices, such as coupes, SUVs, family cars, sports cars, convertibles, electric cars and so on.

In fact, electric cars are sure to be a huge part of this year’s XXIX motor show event. Electric and hybrid models will be present through a variety of models, showcasing latest developments and launches. This is actually a different angle to what car shows traditionally are – the engineering of beautiful looking cars, or powerful engines. Whilst this will still be prevalent at the show, there will also be a competitive vibe for who has the most sustainable, eco-friendly model and how can translate the powerful and prestige of traditional cars to a more ecological model.

Most notable, this will be Tesla. Model 3, X and S will all be there. 2020 models will also be relevant such as the Peugeot e-208, the Smart EQ, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zeo, Seat Mii, KIA e-Soul, Cours-a and finally, the Skoda Citigo.

These are the electric models, but hybrids will also be plentiful. Peugeot will have a SUV hybrid and a 4×4. The Subaru will also be displaying the new forester. Finally, Lexus will also be joining in with the hybrid showcases, with their fourth generation UX and ES.

nueva edición del salón del automóvil de vigo


Motorcycles – More than just good cars

Fortunately, the Vigo Motorshow has plenty of room. This is mostly utilised with a whole bunch of motorcycles, stretching over four thousand square meters. There will be road bikes, off-road bikes, quads, go-karts and finally electric bikes. Electric bikes are arguably even more novel than the electric showcased cars, giving the space of the event an extra buzz. Among the motorbikes are 30 different brands, and even more models. 

Getting to the Vigo Motorshow

The Vigo Motorshow is an annual event stretching from the 4th to the 8th of March. This five-day format lends itself to be a fantastic trip for those visiting Spain on holiday. Vigo is located on the West coast of Spain just 25 kilometers from the Portuguese border. Being a port city, it’s a good idea to use this to your advantage and avoid the traffic that comes along with the motor show. 

A creative way to do this is to arrive by boat. As much as you might love good cars and driving, you can get a boat from Cangas to add to the richness of the experience. Ferries leave very regularly – with the price under 5 euros for return and the trip just takes about 20minutes. Besides the cheap and easy trip, you will be able to experience Vigo from a new angle.