» Easter – Cangas

Cangas Easter is one of the most important in the entire Community and constitutes a celebration of renowned solemnity throughout the province.
It is a historically consolidated tradition with popular roots, where everybody is involved since the 18th century, when the Cofradía de la Virgen de los Dolores y de la Soledad was established.

What stands out is its own personality, the showiness of its processions, the art of its ‘pasos’ (the elaborate floats made for religious processions) and its great cultural appeal. Easter in Cangas is the manifestation of a tradition of a fishing village that throughout its history was enriched.

Enjoy the Fiesta del Cristo of Cangas, a celebration that has numerous and varied activities during the last ten days of August.

The Fiesta del Cristo is the most important religious festival in Cangas and has a program that includes events such as sports events, pasarrúa, exhibitions, festivals, fireworks, processions and various religious acts in honor of Cristo do Consolo and the Virgin of Carmen.

» Fiesta del Cristo – Cangas

» Ancestral Dances – Cangas

Cangas is lucky to have preserved a series of ancestral dances, declared as being of Galician Tourism Value.
In some of its festivals, these special dances are performed that have great ethnological cultural value. These dances are atypical for Galician folklore and are only danced on certain days.

All of them are several hundred years old, but their origin is, surely, much more remote. One of its peculiarities is that the dancers wear costumes of great showiness.

Since they are only celebrated occasionally throughout the year, if you have the possibility to visit this place on the indicated dates, you will be deeply impressed with a unique and exclusive show.

On the 28th March 1809, a popular uprising managed to expel the French invasion from Vigo, and the city became the first one in Europe to expel Napoleon’s army from a conquered square. One year later, Fernando VII would grant Vigo the title of “faithful, loyal and courageous city”.
For this reason, every year, the weekend closest to March 28, Vigo commemorates the Reconquest. Its historical area becomes a spectacular medieval market, set in the 19th century, in which everyone is characterized by clothing from the period. It is like a real trip to the past.

During those three days, Vigo becomes a huge 19th century setting, with a spectacular market set at the time of the Spanish War of Independence. The most outstanding acts are the historical reenactments, with more than 500 people representing the French side fighting against the Spanish side. Also worthy of note are the craft demonstrations of the time, which take place in the market, as well as the more than 30 musical and dance groups that animate the city.

In the premises of the area you can taste delicious delicacies, from nécoras (crabs) and mussels, to empanadas or churrasco, accompanied by local wines and traditional liqueurs. This great party in Vigo continues into the night, with an unbeatable street atmosphere.

The Reconquest, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest, is the most important festival in Vigo, the most beloved by the people of Vigo and a unique occasion to plan a getaway to Vigo in the spring.

» The Reconquest – Vigo

» Night of San Juan – Vigo

Every 23rd of June, the arrival of summer is celebrated during the shortest night of the year. It is a magical night, full of bonfires, dances, music, spells, queimada (traditional alcoholic beverage prepared with distilled grape or herb pressings) and sardines. Tradition has it that you have to jump over the bonfire nine times in order to be protected from the evils and to have good luck.

This festivity of San Juan is celebrated in different areas of Vigo such as Navia, Balaídos, Beade, Valladares, Berbés, Coia, Castrelos, Saiáns, San Andrés de Comesaña, Alcabre, Cabral, Coruxo or Samil.

The typical food of that late-night are cachelos (potatoes roasted with their skin) and grilled sardines. The typical drink is the Queimada, a magic potion of brandy with fruits and a lot of sugar, which is burned in a kettle while a spell is recited. Other typical desserts are filloas, orellas de frade, and chulas.

The Carmen celebrations are held on the 16th July, honouring the Virgin of Carmen, the patron of sailors.
In this popular and deeply rooted festival in Vigo, the city is filled with processions both by sea and by land. It is a unique spectacle for its showiness and beauty.

The most important Carmen festivals are celebrated in Coruxo and O Berbés, in the historic district of Vigo. The Coruxo festival is perhaps the most spectacular, due to the natural environment in which the marine procession takes place, which departs from O Vao Beach and reaches Coruxo. O Berbés is the oldest festival in Vigo and thousands of faithful by boat participate in its maritime procession.

» Carmen Celebrations – Vigo

» Bouzas Celebrations – Vigo

The Bouzas festivities are, surely, the most famous festivals in all the neighborhoods of Vigo thanks to the great fireworks display that closes them. They are celebrated during the second fortnight of July and, for 5 days, the neighborhood is full of food stalls, open-air bars, attractions for children and festivals.

On the last day of these celebrations, starting at midnight, the sky is tinged with all kinds of colours thanks to the famous Bouzas Fireworks.

If you intend to see the fireworks, you need to take into account that Bouzas is very crowded on that night. A very good option is to see them from the sea. At Mar de Ons, we plan a party aboard our flagship, Mar de Vigo, an unparalleled evening event where you can have diner while admiring the amazing fireworks.

O Marisquiño is an event devoted to urban culture and extreme sports, which is held during the second weekend of August. Approximately 100,000 people gather there every year.
The event is held at the Náutico de Vigo and access to the venue is completely free.

In the last edition two tests of the world championship of skate and Dirt Jump (FMB Silver) were held, along with those of other modalities such as BMX, MTB Downtown, B-Boying or FMX. Free outdoor concerts and DJ sessions throughout the night completed the schedule.

» O Marisquiño – Vigo



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