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Enjoy Christmas in Vigo

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Uncategorized

Vigo is a city with an enormous amount to offer. It is a place bursting with life, where you can enjoy wonderful experiences all year round. However, in recent years, Christmas has stood out above other times of the year because of the lights and decorations that have turned Vigo into a leader at this time of year.

In today’s post, we tell you what is special about Christmas in Vigo and what activities you can enjoy during this festive season.

Christmas lights in Vigo

This year, in the city of Vigo, 11 million LED lights have been installed, distributed throughout over 400 streets. If you visit the city, we encourage you to go to every corner of the city centre and enjoy this unique Christmas experience. The most illuminated areas are Calle Policarpo Sanz, la Alameda, el Areal and Porta do Sol.

Among all the illuminations, the huge Christmas tree in the Porta do Sol is a real highlight. This element of Christmas offers you a great show with Christmas lights and music that you will remember forever.

Christmas decorations in Vigo

In addition to the Christmas lights and huge musical Christmas tree, Vigo is also home to other decorative elements that will delight you just as much.

One of these is the famous giant coloured ball of lights situated on the Urzáiz streetlight. This is, certainly one of the main decorations to feature in the Christmas photos taken by many locals.

Other decorations that also captivate people’s attention as they walk through the city are Santa’s sleigh, an illuminated castle, a giant snowman, and countless other illuminated decorations that you will enjoy with the same excitement as a child.

Apart from the street decorations, there is also a huge Nativity scene that is definitely worth visiting. This is located at the Afundación Theatre, in Calle Policarpo Sanz.

Christmas Market

And, what would the festive season be without a Christmas market? Undoubtedly, this is one of the most special parts of Christmas in Vigo.

At Cíes Market in la Alameda, you will find endless number of stalls where you can try different cuisines, both traditional Galician and from other parts of the world. You can also buy various hand-crafted items.

You will also be able to find us in this market, as we have one of our special ticket offices there, so you can buy boat tickets more conveniently.

The Ferris wheel of Vigo

In the area of el Areal in the heart of Vigo, stands an imposing, 60 metre high, colourful Ferris wheel, that will enable you to enjoy a unique and unbeatable panoramic view of the city.

Climb onto the Ferris wheel and enjoy an unrivalled experience, surrounded by Christmas lights and music. A ride on the Ferris wheel is definitely one of the most fun-filled Christmas experiences in Vigo.

Christmas attractions in Vigo

In addition to the giant Ferris wheel, Vigo city council has installed other fun attractions. Most are situated in el Areal, apart from the Christmas carousel which is in Porta do Sol.

Among the attractions, this year you will find a small roller coaster called “El ratón vacilón”, traditional dodgem cars, the infamous grasshopper ride and many other attractions that will ensure you enjoy a fun and exciting time.

Samil ice rink

The ice rink is situated on Samil beach promenade in Vigo. It opens every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays. Christmas in Vigo gives you the chance to enjoy ice skating on this small rink where there is space for anyone of any age, whether adults or children.

Christmas train in VigoThe Christmas train in Vigo offers a fun trip through the centre of Vigo, where you can visit the most iconic Christmas locations so that you can enjoy the music, lights and decorations in the city centre.

Vigo’s O Barco do Nadal

So you can enjoy Christmas in Vigo by boat, the Mar de Ons ferry company brings you a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones: O Barco do Nadal de Vigo.

On a trip lasting approximately one and a half hours, you can enjoy Christmas music and lights aboard one of our boats. You will have a very special panoramic view of the city and its Christmas lights while we sail along the Vigo ria on a trip that is full of surprises.

As you can see, Vigo offers you many experiences during the festive season. Visit our city and discover all its charm at this special time of year.