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Vigo. The Perfect Christmas in Spain Holidays

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Travel Vigo-Cangas | 0 comments

Getting away for Christmas is a lovely experience. Increasingly, many head out to Spain, spending time in the northwest city of Vigo. You can leave behind the stress and the hassles of the season and enjoy a Christmas holidays in Spain where everything is done for you.

Vigo in Galicia is a vibrant city which for the last few years has been forging a solid reputation as being one of the best places to spend Christmas. It may not have the snow of Scandinavia, but with its investment in lights, Christmas markets, and various tours, it simply offers the best place to spend Christmas in Europe. Let’s take a closer look as to why this is.

Christmas in Spain Holidays, the Journey Begins

Getting to Vigo is easy. You can fly, drive, take the train or sail. For the full Christmas experience, the best option is taking the ferry from Cangas. You can leave your car and simply sail up the estuary into the heart of the city.

This is a tour that is not to be missed. The different architecture and the rocking of the ferry generate wonderful feelings of excitement. It puts you in the Christmas spirit as you romantically sail along the river. As you approach the dock, the Christmas lights and street decorations add a wonderful finishing touch.

Christmas in Spain holidays

Markets to Make the Most of your Christmas in Spain Holidays

One of the great things about Vigo is the Christmas markets and the shopping in general. Like most great cities, it has regions where you’ll find every brand on the planet. You can easily get every present you’ll need for Christmas right in Vigo so you won’t need to bring gifts with you. You can literally spend hours, even days in the high street stores.

If you want something more unusual, then spend your time in the Christmas markets. Here, you’ll find interesting and unique products often created by hand. They can make for great stocking fillers or if you prefer, a unique present that can’t be bought anywhere else.

As well as presents you must try the street food. Galicia is well known for its fine street food, and you can find a great range of foods among the street market stalls. Whether your taste is sweet or savoury, you will find something fantastic to eat. This part of Spain is well known for delicious seafood, so that is something you must try during your holiday.

Savour the Christmas Lights of Vigo

One of the wonderful things about a Christmas in Spain holiday is the lights of Vigo. The city authorities are investing almost a million euros to light up the city. Around ten million LED lights will be used to make a dazzling display of lights that will adorn the 465 Christmas trees situated across three hundred streets.

The main square will is home to the house of Santa and be the heart of the exhibition. Many are saying that night will turn to day.

Together with other decorations and amusements including a Christmas big wheel, this is the place to be for your Christmas in Spain holidays.

You can catch ferries to Ons Islands from Vigo which is a place you should make time for. The UNESCO protected islands offer exciting walks, gorgeous beaches and amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Vigo makes for the perfect Christmas in Spain. Holidays don’t come much better than this. Check it out.