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The best beaches at O Grove

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Specials

O Grove is a municipality of Pontevedra situated on a small peninsula at the edge of the Ría de Arousa estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. Its long coastline consists of numerous beaches that are both beautiful and very peaceful.  The perfect places to enjoy a wonderful summer’s day! In today’s post, we will tell you which are the best beaches at O Grove, so that you can go and visit them.

A Lanzada

A Lanzada is one of the most famous beaches of the Rías Baixas. Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, its crystalline waters are perfect for a refreshing dip and its fine white sand invites you to relax on summer days. It also has a wooden boardwalk which is over 2km in length and along which you can enjoy a pleasant walk.  

This beach is ideal for doing water sports. You will find a surf school at one end of the beach, where you can take lessons during the summer season. It is also the perfect place to enjoy other sports like kite surfing or paddle boarding. 

You can get there by public transport or in your own car. When you arrive, you will find extensive outdoor parking where you can leave your car. 


Raeiros is a stretch of sand in a semi-urban coastal setting at O Grove. This blue water beach is open to the sea and offers spectacular views of the Island of Ons. It is the ideal place for a refreshing dip, as it doesn’t have huge swells and the waters are calm. 

This beach has all the services you may need, such as showers, toilets and lifeguard.  It is also easy to get to by bike or car.  

Area da Cruz

The Area da Cruz beach is located in a semi-urban setting. It is a very popular beach during the summer as it is perfectly equipped for summer days. It has numerous services, including access for people with reduced mobility. 

There is a cycle lane close to the beach which you can use to access the beach. You can also get there by bus or by car. But if you go in the summer, we recommend that you get there early to get a parking space. 

Paxareiros Beach

Paxareiros Beach is situated beside Area Da Cruz and you can get to it by walking from there. It is a very small beach but it boasts an outstanding natural beauty. Also, it is a quiet corner where you can relax while enjoying the most amazing views. 

This is a quiet beach where you can relax and enjoy some beautiful views. That’s why is one of the beast beaches at o Grove

O Carreiro Beach

O Carreiro beach is a long beach stretching 300 metres in length and is located to the north of the municipality. From the sand, you can make out a multitude of mussel-farming platforms, or ‘bateas’, on the Arousa estuary. The interesting thing about this beach, apart from its beauty, is that it is a very important archaeological site, with remains of a Roman villa and a salting industry which date back around 2000 years. 

Con Negro Beach

The beach at Con Negro is a tiny paradise, stretching barely 40 metres in length. It is surrounded by rocky outcrops of great beauty and offers some spectacular views of Sálvora Island and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a peaceful corner of the coast in a very attractive natural setting where you can relax on sunny days.  

You can get to the beach by private car, as there is a small area where you can park. 

Barreiro Beach

Barreiro beach is a small sandy area situated next to Con Negro beach. It is a small natural paradise of little more than 300 metres which is characterised by its fine, white sand and calm, crystalline waters. As it is an open beach, the waters are colder, which is why they are perfect for a dip on very hot days.  

The Pedras Negras Route

Some of the best beaches of the area can be found at San Vicente do Mar. You can see them all by taking a walk along the paseo de Pedras Negras (the Black Stones walk) the walk takes about an hour and takes you along the coast.

One of these is A Barrosa beach, where the well-known beach hut bar called Náutico is located, which is famous for its concerts. On the walk, you can also make out the beaches of Abelleira, Pedras Negras, Farruco and many other coves that are true coastal paradises. 

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of the best beaches at O Grove and that it encourages you to visit them. You will discover natural beaches and coves of great beauty that will amaze you. Also, from many of them you can make out the Island of Ons in the background. This magnificent island offers you some of the most authentic hiking routes in Galicia. On the island, you will feel the pleasure of walking surrounded by nature and by the Atlantic Ocean, and the fine white sandy beaches and crystalline waters that enable you to enjoy the peace and quiet and beauty of its landscapes. 

If you like nature and want to discover other places near O Grove, we recommend that you travel to the island of Ons with the Mar de Ons Ferry Company, and discover this valuable and unique natural paradise.