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Observe the phenomenon of the tears of San Lorenzo in la ría de Vigo

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Special

The tears of St. Lawrence or Perseids (San Lorenzo) are an astronomical phenomenon that occurs every summer and which lights up the night sky with spectacular meteor showers. The Vigo ria is one of the ideal places to view them from and Mar de Ons offers you the chance to see them on board from its waters. In today’s post, we explain their origin and tell you how you can admire them in person.

What are they, when do they occur, where to see them?

The Perseids, commonly known as the Tears of St. Lawrence (San Lorenzo), are a huge meteor shower that occurs each year during the months of July and August in the planet’s northern hemisphere.

There are several stories about the origin of this spectacular phenomenon. One of them, of Catholic origin, says that these small and fleeting lights that appear in the sky each summer represent the tears of St Lawrence when he was put to death.  For that reason, it is no coincidence that the period in which this phenomenon occurs coincides with the celebration dedicated to this Patron Saint, on 10th August.

Another famous story originates from Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, the Greek God Zeus, in love with a nymph called Danae, entered her room one night the guise of golden rain and impregnated her with her son, Perseo, who gave his name to the northern constellation and the famous Perseids.

Both stories have remained in popular imagination for a long time. However, today’s advanced technology has enabled us to verify the true origin of this astronomical phenomenon. In reality, it is an enormous cloud of dust released by the Swift-Tuttle comet when it nears the sun. The small fragments that are released from the comet collide with the atmosphere at a speed of 210,000 kilometres per hour, producing this spectacular light show.

See the tears of St. Lawrence with Mar de Ons

If you don’t want to miss out on this astronomical phenomenon of tears of San Lorenzo this summer, you are in luck. The Mar de Ons ferry company is going to launch a special service so you can admire this astronomical phenomenon from the sea, on Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th. Departures will take place from the ports of Cangas and Vigo. From there, you will sail to a point in the Cíes Islands where you can enjoy the meteor showers from a privileged perspective. The evening trip will be accompanied by a guide and tickets are on sale now.

Additionally, for the month of August, the ferry company opts for this type of evening activity due to its high demand. This includes the Astronomical Experiences from Monday 8th until Thursday 11th, where an astronomer-guide will accompany guests and tell them about the features of the different constellations of the summer sky and where there will be plenty of anecdotes and fascinating facts. The total duration of this service is approximately three hours. The boat sets sail from the port of Cangas at 22.30 and from the port of Vigo at 23.00.

This type of guided evening activity is extremely popular, so Mar de Ons ferry company would like to remind you that spaces are limited and you should book well in advance given that this different leisure option where the sky is the protagonist and sailing at night is the perfect plan for all audiences to see the tears of San Lorenzo.

If you want to make more plans involving the sea, you should also know that, in addition to setting sail to see the Tears of St. Lawrence, the Mar de Ons ferry company also offers other cruises along the ria that are equally spectacular. These include the Tour of the ria with mussel tasting, the Night Sea trip with a special evening meal and music or the daily trips to the Cíes Islands or Island of Ons.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will inform you about all of the incredible plans we have prepared for this summer.