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How to get there and what to see in Monte Louro

by | May 26, 2022 | Special, Specials

Monte Louro rises above the shores of the Muros y Noia ria, to the south of the town of Muros in A Coruña. It is situated in a space which has been declared a Special Conservation Area, which also encompasses part of the Xalfas Lake, and is classified as a Point of Geological Interest.

Each year, hundreds of walkers come to its slopes to discover this spectacular hill and its surroundings. In today’s post, we show you how you can get there and what is worth seeing when you arrive, so you will also be able to enjoy this natural beauty. 

What to see in Monte Louro and its surroundings

Monte Louro is situated in a unique natural area where you will be able to enjoy lots of interesting points. In addition to visiting the hill, we recommend you see the As Xalfas lake, petroglyphs, water mills and its incredible beaches.

Monte Louro

Monte Louro has a steep elevation with a height of 241 metres which is mainly formed by granite. This hill boasts a beautiful silhouette which drops into the sea and has two elements that make it even more special:  A small lighthouse that illuminates the boats as they near the coast and a superb lookout point from which you can see the A Barnanza mountain range and the Muros y Noia ria. 

Its granite rocks form peculiar shapes thanks to their erosion over time. Various crevices, caves and holes have even formed in the shape of a basin, known as “cacholas y pías”, which are fascinating and well worth seeing. 

Xalfas Lake

At the side of Monte Louro, you will find Xalfas lake, also known as Louro lake. It is a small salt lake formed by the water that comes from the Longarela ria, but the salt is due to the filtrations of sea water in heavy storms. This lake is an excellent area for bird-watching, thanks to the variety of bird species that travel there to hibernate, including herons, teals, northern shovelers or tufted ducks. In winter you can also see otters in the mornings when they pay an occasional visit to the lake.

Legend has it that this lake hides a small city under its waters and, on days of heavy storms, you can still hear the voices of its inhabitants and the ancient church bells. 

If you visit the lake, it is also interesting to see the dune complex that surrounds it, comprising mobile dunes which are very high with scarce vegetation.

Area Maior Beach

Area Maior beach is an extensive area of sand dividing the Xalfas lake and the Atlantic sea. This beach with its white, fine sand is very long. It stretches 1500 metres in length and is 40 metres wide. Without a doubt, it is one of the area’s most stunning beaches, but not one of the most widely visited. This area has a strong breeze and strong waves, so it is a great beach for surfers or other similar sea sports. 

Visitors should go well prepared, since this is a wild beach which is far away from the nearest town. So if you are going by car, don’t forget to take food and drinks, sun protection, parasols and other items that will enable you to enjoy the beauty of this area in comfort.

Other points of interest

Near to Monte Louro there are various points of tourist interest which are worth a visit, such as the Laxe das Rodas petroglyph or San Francisco beach, both also situated in the parish of Louro. 

The Laxe das Rodas petroglyph is a display of rock art from the Bronze Age which consists of carvings in granite rock. According to experts, these are symbolic carvings which aimed to explain the situation of the stars. This display of rock art is truly fascinating. It is, without a doubt, must-visit  place if you are visiting the area.

Another point of interest is San Francisco beach in Louro, an urban, quiet and beautiful beach which is popular in summer. It is Area Maior’s most sheltered beach, so it is good for swimmers. The beach is stunning, with white and fine sand, and calm waters. It is definitely the ideal place to rest where you can end a trip to Monte Louro and its surrounding area.

How to get to Monte Louro

Like many of Galicia’s natural areas, the best way to get there is by private car. Since it is a protected natural park, you will just need to access the areas near to the hill. There, you should be able to find somewhere to park the car and start a route that you will have to walk.

Normally, people heading to Monte Louro start from the centre of the municipality of Muros. From there, you should take the AC-550 road, which is situated between the towns of Louro and San Francisco. 

To park, you should head towards Punta do Sinal, located at the foot of Monte Louro, next to Fogareiro beach, where you will be able to park your car and continue the journey on foot.

We hope these tips help you to get there easily and that you enjoy every corner of this wonderful place.