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IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRAVEL TO THE CÍES ISLANDS OR THE ONS ISLAND FROM EASTER AND MAY 15 (EXCEPT CAMPERS), before buying the ticket, you must obtain the authorization requested by La Xunta de Galicia, in which they will provide you with the pre code -reserve (necessary to acquire the boat ticket).

10 of ideas of things to do in the Rias Baixas in five days

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Specials

The Rias Baixas have many hidden gems that are worth discovering.  If you are going to visit this part of Galicia for five days, we suggest you go to these ten points of interest that will turn your visit into a memorable trip.

1. The Cíes Islands

The archipelago of the Cíes Islands is a spectacular natural landscape situated in the Vigo ria. If you are coming to the Rias Baixas, you simply must visit them. To get there, you should book your ticket in advance at the Mar de Ons passenger ship company, since there are few spaces and they run out fast. Visit the Cíes Islands and allow yourself to be amazed by its incredible beaches and beautiful natural paths. 

2. The Island of Ons

The Island of Ons is situated in the Pontevedra ria and, just like the Cíes Islands, it forms part of the protected area of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. This island offers an unrivalled natural setting with outstanding beaches of fine white sand. There, you will be able to enjoy the sea, its natural paths, trips where you will learn about its ancient settlers. You will also be able to do water activities like diving and enjoy some good typical food in the restaurant par excellence, Casa Checho. In addition, just like in Cíes, you will be able to spend the night on the island and enjoy a spectacular starlit sky.

3. The Island of San Simón

The Island of San Simón is a small place situated on the Vigo ria and which has borne witness to many of this part of Galicia’s historic moments. This island has been inhabited by the church, looted by pirates and used as a prison and hospital. To discover the stories that this island holds, you will need to book a guided tour with Mar de Ons, where they will tell you all of the details about this interesting place.

4. The Morrazo Peninsula

The Morrazo peninsula is situated on the northern side of the Vigo ria. It is a spectacular natural area surrounded by particularly charming beaches and coves, with a variety of paths with spectacular routes that will allow you to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the Cíes Islands and the Atlantic ocean. In addition, there you will be able to find several coastal towns, such as Cangas or Moaña, where you will find bars and restaurants so you can try out the local cuisine and stay the night. 

5. The Vigo ria

The Vigo ria is the deepest of the Rias Baixas. From the coast, you can admire the dozens of mussel farms that rest in its waters, where they farm the best mussels and oysters in the country. Also worth of note is the majestic Rande bridge, which joins the Morrazo peninsula with Vigo. Another way of travelling from one side of the ria to the other and, in doing so, enjoying a spectacular trip, is to go by boat from the port of Vigo to the port of Cangas.

Enjoy the ria from different parts of the area and immerse yourself in its cold waters if you have the chance.

6. The Pontevedra ria

The Pontevedra ria has a wonderful coast full of charming towns, beaches and incredible natural paths. The most visited coastal towns are Sanxenxo, Combarro, Marin and Bueu. These are really beautiful towns, they have stunning views of the ria and there are many places for you to enjoy the area’s typical cuisine. Additionally, we must also recommend that you visit the capital of the province, Pontevedra. This small city stands out for its pedestrianised streets, along which you will be able to enjoy the charm of the city without the noise of traffic bothering you.

7. Arousa Island

Everyone that has visited Arousa Island has been amazed at this island’s charm. Its natural beaches are truly spectacular, with crystal clear waters, and its paths will take you through areas replete with vegetation. If you want to spend a peaceful day somewhere unique, you should definitely pay this place a visit. 

Arousa Island is situated in the Arousa ria and you can reach it from Vilanova de Arousa, across a long bridge that crosses the ria.   

8. The Arousa ria

The Arousa ria is situated between the province of Pontevedra and the province of A Coruña. Along its coasts, you can find various beautiful and interesting towns, which are well worth visiting. Among them, we can find Villa de Cambados, known as the capital of Albariño wine, where its wineries and vineyards stand out. Its historic quarter is also noteworthy, which is full of monuments and incredible historic buildings.  O Grove is another stunning town that stands out, a place where you will be able to try the best fish and seafood from the area, and enjoy its beautiful and wild beaches.

9. The Muros y Noia ria

The Muros y Noia ria forms part of the Rias Baixas, but is situated in the province of A Coruña.  Along its coasts, you will be able to find various towns of touristic interest because of their history, such as the town of Muros and the town of Noia. You will also find incredible beaches, such as the beach of Areia Maior, situated at the foot of mount Luoro, or As Furnas beach, in Porto do Son. In addition, this area is also home to one of the best preserved Iron Age settlements in Galicia, Castro de Baroña, which is situated in a beautiful rocky area that looks out to sea.

The Muros and Noia ria is a landscape full of contrasts that make it simply spectacular; the beaches, cliffs, mountains and coastal towns reflect a diverse postcard which is worth visiting.

10. Tours Mar de Ons

If you want to discover Rías Baixas, you can also book our Tour of the Vigo Ria with mussel tasting, on this boat trip we will sail through the Marín Naval Military Academy, Tambo island, Combarro, Raxó, with departures from Sanxenxo and Portonovo, you will discover the charms of the Vigo coastline. Additionally, if you are looking for options to enjoy alone in Vigo, don’t miss the Fuegos de Bouzas (fireworks),  a Sea of Nights with evening meal and music on board or our Starlight Experiences, you will find everything you want to do on our website. 

We hope these ten ideas about what to see and what to do in the Rias Baixas help to guide you on your fabulous trip. We know that, if you only have five days, you won’t be able to see everything. That’s why we recommend that you choose one or two places to enjoy fully and then come back and visit us again to be able to enjoy the rest. 

And remember, if you are already a Naviera Mar de Ons customer, with the booking reference from your previous trip, you will be able to benefit from a discount and, if you aren’t yet a customer, remember to save the one from this purchase for your next trips in the same season.

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