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» Excursions in Cangas

Routes are the best option to plunge into the history of this marine town, discover its white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, admire the sunsets over the Atlantic Oceans with Cíes Islands on the background, get in contact with nature and go along the coast. This is the perfect place for adventurers, nature lovers and inquisitive people willing to discover new corners.
Adventure sport
Travellers can cross the sea on kayaks while enjoying the beauty of the city from a new point of view, with the traveller at the centre of the experience. It is the perfect choice both for beginners and experienced kayakers who are willing to be captivated by the magical views of the Bay of Vigo.

» Kayak

» FlyBoard

FlyBoarding is a new sport that has shaken up the world.
It allows to rise in the air on a board, which has two jetted water jets incorporated, generated by a jet ski or a two-motor boat.

It is an activity that everyone can practice, from 16 years to 60. Its handling is very easy and intuitive. In just 5 minutes practicing FlyBoard you will be flying and living a unique experience, surrounded by a landscape of incomparable beauty


Enjoy the majestic natural shapes hiding under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
Dive and discover hundreds of animal and plant species with unique features. Under the sea, you will find one of the most important marine ecosystems, with an amazing biological diversity.

» Diving

» Windsurf – Cangas

Adventure sport
Windsurfing competitions are organised in Cangas, which is fostering this sport among young people and trying to share the passion for the sea with everyone. Come and practice windsurf on the turquoise waters of Cangas for an unforgettable holiday.
Shopping in Vigo is a perfect plan to take some souvenirs from the city back home.
Discover shopping areas for all tastes and pockets. In Vigo you will find, from the gleaming windows of Calle del Príncipe, to the typical market where you can browse among stalls selling products from the garden or search for bargains and trinkets.

The shopping centers are present with the best Galician fashion and in the pedestrian areas you can visit small shops and traditional crafts.

» Shopping – Vigo

» O Cambón Interpretation Centre

The Interpretation Centre is located in the historic building of Cambón, behind the Church of Santa María. It is the headquarters of the staff working at the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, and a place to spread the knowledge about the park. It provides the visitors with information about the flora, fauna and marine environment of the natural areas making it up.
At the park, you will see the great biodiversity that hides on each of the islands making up the National Park and underwater. Specific activities for children and workshops for adults are occasionally organised there, making it a very important environmental education centre.
At O Cambón Interpretation Centre, some research projects are carried out, all focusing on the National Park in order to emphasise its value and preserve its natural areas.
Vigozoo is the only zoo in Galicia, and it is a perfect place to spend the afternoon with your family, discovering different animal species and being in direct contact with nature.
Its enclosure in A Madroa is about 10 kilometers from the center and occupies more than 55,000 square meters of surface.
In this zoo there are mammals from Africa, Asia and America, such as lions, tigers and brown bears; or species typical of the Peninsula such as the European lynx. In addition, it allows you to enjoy the beauty of zebras, the friendliness of monkeys and the greatness of the wolf.

The different animal species are distributed by zones with appropriate characteristics for each species. For example, in the Exotarium live more than 50 species of insects, arachnids, amphibians and reptiles; and in Nocturama species of nocturnal habits live, in facilities that remain in the dark.

» Excursions in Vigo: Vigozoo

» Museum of Sea – Vigo

The city of Vigo is strongly linked to the sea, since it was created and it grew thanks to the port, which has always marked its history and economy.
In the Museum of the Sea, the connection of Vigo and its people to the sea can be explored, and you can also learn about the history of fishing in the area.
Visiting the different rooms in the museum, you can learn about all the aspects of the fishing activity, as well as seeing its development throughout the years: fishing, aquaculture, preservation methods from the old salting systems to the modern freezing methods, the technical advances in vessels, or marine biology.

The visit ends at the aquarium of the Museum, where visitors can see the main ecosystems that can be found from the docks and the steep coast of Cíes Islands.

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