Book your tickets to San Simón Island

Book your tickets to San Simón Island

If you want to live an adventure, board with us to San Simón!

San Simón is surrounded by myths of historical importance despite its size. In the past, it was a space of conflicts, a monastery, an orphanage and a prison. Since 2010, it is known as the ‘Island of Thought’ a center of cultural creation and interest for all type of artists. Its auditorium and library hosted numerous events, such as seminars, congresses and concerts.

On our boat you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic landscape and a recreation of the battles that took place throughout the history of the Vigo estuary. As you discover more places of tourist interest along the coast, you will find out about the story of the pirate Francis Drake, and the famous Battle of Rande. You will experience it firsthand due to our specialized guide.

Throughout the trip, you will sail over lost treasures and you will discover aspects of the Vigo estuary that you, for sure, did not know. Let yourself be surprised and after your trip on our boat to San Simón you will enjoy a walk across the island. You will admire its carefully tended gardens, and you will keep learning stories with our guided visit.

This experience is suited for all ages. The only requirement is to be eager for knowledge and adventure. You must take into consideration that there are only 15 trips a year -all summer weekends. It is a one-time opportunity to board on its tale waters.

Enjoy a different day surrounded by the best landscapes from the Vigo estuary towards an Asset Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural – BIC) and a Zone of Special Protection of Natural Values (Zona de Especial Protección de los Valores Naturales – ZEPVN). Join this adventure, immerse in this tale and live a magic experience. Board with us on the boat to San Simón.