What to do in Ons Island - Galicia

What to do in Ons Island – Galicia

Official Guided Tours

This experience offers to our customers the possibility to discover the picturesque Ons Island and its unmatched sea charm more in depth. Treat your senses to new sensations –– enjoy being in contact with nature, feel the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean and discover the breath-taking beaches offering a familiar view of Pontevedra Bay.

Discover this earthly paradise through the official tours designed by National Parks, thanks to our specialised tour guides. An expert tour guide will accompany you throughout the trail and will show you the history, the beaches and the stunning views awaiting you on this island.




Lasting for two hours and a half, this trail will take you through the southernmost part of Ons Island, accessing the Fedorentos viewpoint. A little bit over 6 km long and with a slight 86-metre slope, it stands out because of the marvellous views from its two viewpoints and its peculiar geological formations.

The beauty of Ons Island lies not only on its landscapes, but also on its legends and its corners full of magic, such as the Buraco do Inferno, a vertical crevice going down towards the sea. Legend has it that the moans and cries of the souls who wander between worlds trying to expiate their sins and erase their blames in order to rest in peace can be heard from here.


Being 8.1 kilometres long and having a 100-metre slope, this trail goes through the north part of the island, crossing through its narrowest part and walking over the cliff of its Atlantic front.

During the three hours which lasts the trip, the trail goes through Punta Liñeiros and Punta Xobenco and it allows you to observe the numerous birds and their breeding area.


Being 4 kilometres long and having a 120-metre slope, this trail which can be covered in one hour and a half, and it offers a small tour allowing the visitors to get a general impression of the island. This trail takes us near the narrowest part of the island, the Caniveliñas Inlet, where you can admire one of the most important fresh water fountains. From there, it goes through the Atlantic front up to the highest point, the lighthouse, which offers unparalleled panoramic views.

It is worth mentioning that the Faro de Ons is one of the lighthouses with the greatest reach in Spain, and also one of the largest. It is located on the highest area of the island, in the village and mountain of O Cucorno. It was first lit on 3rd April 1865. In 1932, the lighthouse was covered with tiles and, together with those on Sálvora and Sisargas, it was one of the last pressured-petroleum lighthouses in existence. In 1990, its power supply was changed to photovoltaic power. The lighthouse, whose peculiarity is to be covered in tiles, is a work by architect Rafael de la Cerda, who built a twin one in A Rúa Island (Arousa Bay).


Being 1.1 kilometres long and with a 33-metre slope, the Castelo trail goes from the dock to the former battery of Castelo das Rodas. It is the lightest trail and it goes through As Dornas beach, where you will see the traditional boats.

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