Hiking Routes on Ons Island

There are a few set trails to walk around the island, the most visited places being the lighthouse, the Burato do Inferno formidable top, and the viewpoints of O Centolo and Fedorento, from where you can admire the stunning views of the neighbouring Cíes Islands.

The most beautiful part of the island is the one oriented to the Atlantic Ocean, towards the open sea. There are not any beaches in this area, but you can see impressive cliffs and the best sunsets over the sea from the trails crossing the island.

The trails always start and end at the same point, and there are different shortcuts and linking points between them.

There are four set trails that will allow you to discover the island and its uniqueness:

South trail

The South Trail will allow you to discover the southernmost part of the island, accessing the Fedorentos viewpoint and Buraco do Inferno.

Main highlights: Curro neighbourhood – Area dos Cans Beach and Canexol Beach – Laxe do Crego – Fedorento viewpoint – Buraco do Inferno – Caniveliñas Inlet.

Length: 6.2 km (return trip)

Duration: 2.5 hours (return trip)

Difficulty: Medium – High

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North trail

With a 100-metre slope, this trail goes through the northernmost part of the island, crossing it through its narrowest part and going over the cliffs of its Atlantic front.

Main highlights: Curro neighbourhood – Punta Centolo – Punta Xobenco – Punta Liñeiros – Melide Beach – Faro de Ons

Length: 8.1 km (return trip)

Duration: 3 hours (return trip)

Difficulty: Medium – High

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Faro Trail

This trail begins at the stand and goes up to Curro, the main population centre on the island.

Main highlights: Curro neighbourhood – Faro de Ons – Caniveliñas Inlet.

Length: 4 km (return trip)

Duration: 1.5 hours (return trip)

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Castelo Trail

This is the shortest, busiest trail. It goes from the dock to the former battery of Castelo das Rodas.

Main highlights: Castelo viewpoint – Dornas Beach – Curro neighbourhood.

Length: 1.1 km (return trip)

Duration: 40 minutes (return trip)

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