Book your tickets to Ons Island

Book your tickets to Ons Island

Book your boat tickets to Ons Island and live the tale.

Ons is the only island inhabited from those that form the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. Galician culture is characterized by its history of tales, and Ons Island is not the exception.

Its villagers are responsible for keeping the magic alive by telling stories that originate from this wonderful place.

Even though the island is inhabited, it is a quiet place where its virgin beaches take part of its identity and are part of the hiking and cycling paths. Ons is rich in flora and fauna, which includes the well-known cormorants and beloved dolphins.

At the disembark, you will find yourself at As Dornas Beach, perfect for those who want to enjoy a great swim or rest in its sand from the very first moment, besides enjoying all the other services that provides the island. Such as quality, traditional restaurants preceded by their good reputation. A Laxe dos Cregos is located nearby this beach, a human silhouette carved in a rock surrounded by tales.

All hiking routes are rounded, so you can fully enjoy the landscape with its amazing views. This is the perfect place for nature lovers, where woods and its scents blend with the roaring of the waves and the salt aroma. Following the North path, you reach Melide Beach, the most distant beach from the main area, but considered as the best beach because of its crystal-clear waters and white sand.

On the boat to Ons Island you can already glimpse its amazing corners. There are some of them that stay hidden until you explore the island, for example, Buraco do Inferno, a hole in the center of a rock sculpted naturally. Legend has it you can hear the mourning of the souls that sail between two worlds.

If you want to visit a natural, unique spot with cultural tradition and breathtaking views, Ons Island is an essential visit. At boarding, do not forget to load yourself with enthusiasm to explore what is waiting for you, and you will come back full of magic.