Beaches in Ons Island - Galicia

Beaches in Ons Island – Galicia

Melide Beach

It is located far from the most visited part of the island. It is a well-known nudist beach, and it has the Blue Flag status. It is considered as the most beautiful beach in the Ons archipelago, thanks to its crystal clear waters and its large sandbank with fine white sand.

As Dornas Beach

This beach is called “As Dornas” after the boats used by the inhabitants of the island, some of which are still preserved. It is near the dock and the area where all the services of the island are located.

Area dos Cans Beach

This is the most crowded beach on Ons Island, since c is just behind the village of O Curro, which is the most visited place on the island.

Canexol Beach

It is located under the Castro and the Cemetery and it is oriented to Pontevedra Bay. It has wonderful white sand and is surrounded by rocks.

Pereiró Beach

This beach is located near the youth campsite, a bit far away from the village. It is a white sand cove from where you will have breath-taking views of Pontevedra Bay and Aldán.

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