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During the Arribada, there are a series of organised activities and events set in 1493, starting at 10 am. and ending around 11 pm every day.

On Saturday 7th March, around ten in the morning, the start of the Arribada Celebration is announced with the explosion of cannons, and the medieval market opening takes place, followed by a series of activities and entertainments throughout the morning.
Around four in the afternoon, the activities continue with the Knights’ Tournament celebration on the Ribeira beach, where you also can admire a great horse-riding falconry show.
This first day of celebration ends with the representation of the play Arribada de La Pinta Caravel, held on the Ribeira Beach at 8 pm. This is the main event in the Arribada Celebration. After the play, a firework display marks the end of the Saturday events.
On Sunday 8th March, you can hear the cannons again at ten in the morning, marking the start of the second celebration day.
During the morning, the medieval Olympics take place, including archery, fencing and falconry. The events scheduled for the morning are topped with the medieval parade through the Arribada Royal Market.
In the afternoon, approximately from 4 pm onwards, the scheduled activities continue, including a medieval music concert and a fire show.
Finally, three Lombard shots announce the closure of the Royal Market and the shows and call upon the visitors to attend the next edition.

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