Watch the Tears of Saint Lawrence on board

Naviera Mar de Ons gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular astronomical events of the year: The Tears of Saint Lawrence, or the Perseidas meteor shower for the astronomy enthusiasts.

This amazing event has become a mandatory date for our clients in summer. For some days, the sky is flooded with shooting stars and Mar de Ons will sail towards Cíes Islands’ sky. The islands’ surroundings are a privileged location to watch this phenomenon comfortably aboard one of our boats, far from the light pollution. Cíes Islands have the ‘Starlight Tourist Destination’ certificate, and for this reason being able to enjoy such an important event up close is something magical and unique.

The Tears of Saint Lawrence or the Perseidas

The Perseidas or the Tears of Saint Lawrence’ are at their brightest between August 11th and 13th. Every year, Mar de Ons provides a special trip to watch this astronomical phenomenon from the sea. The comet Swift-Tuttle produces the particles that result in the Tears of Saint Lawrence. This meteor shower happens around the same time every year due to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. In each one of the Earth’s spins, it this accumulation of particle again.

Our passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy a privileged view with an explanation from an astronomer, far from the city lights. Find out the reason for this impressive phenomenon and everything visible to the naked eye from the Earth. You will love this experience for sure!

This special trip to watch the meteor shower will have departures from the port of Cangas at 22:30 and from the port of Vigo at 23:00. Join us and book your tickets! Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy one of the most awaited astronomical events of the year.