Festivals in the Vigo estuary:
Bouzas Fireworks

The Vigo municipality of Bouzas, in the middle of the Vigo estuary, celebrates its traditional festival in honour of the Christ of the Afflicted. This festival has been declared of tourist interest by the Xunta de Galicia. Don’t miss out on the fuegos de Bouzas and enjoy them on board!

Its terraces and streets are filled with people, there is outdoor music, games and events for both children and adults alike. You can enjoy different orchestras and local music groups. It is one of the most famous celebrations in the Olive City, and it is not to be missed.

Enjoy the best festivals in the Vigo estuary

The great day of the fireworks is on the third Sunday in July, a night which has already become one of the most awaited of the year. And it is also the most awaited by our customers, who book their tickets every year to enjoy this wonderful pyrotechnic show on board. This is without a doubt the best way to enjoy them and the beautiful landscape that the Vigo estuary offers us at night, as the light pollution caused by the city is reduced and the viewpoint to watch them, from the boat, is precious.

The pyromusical poetic show takes place at 23:00 on Sunday and in order to see it in all its splendour, the company offers two maritime crossing options every year, with and without catering. Both options depart from the Port of Cangas and the Port of Vigo, and in a musical setting.

Choose the option that interests you the most and don’t miss out on one of the city’s most beautiful and famous shows. Come and enjoy this experience in the middle of the Vigo estuary with Mar de Ons. We’ll be waiting for you on board!

Furthermore, don’t miss out on the rest of our trips. Our star destination, the Cíes Islands, are waiting for you. Book your ticket!